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Greer Nelson (née Grant) first appeared as The Cat in the comic of the same name. 


She later became Tigra through a mystic ritual that bound the soul of one of the Cat People to her own.


















Greer Grant started out as a human who went through treatments that took her to peak human level, then she took up the mantle of The Cat. When she was dying, her mentor Dr. Tumolo offered to save her life by bonding her soul with one of Cat People. Greer accepted and was transformed into a furry woman.








Back in the '70s Marvel decided to let female creators write and draw comics about women. The Cat (November, 1972) was one of those comics, written by Linda Fite and illustrated by Marie Severin, alongside co-creator Roy Thomas.












Character Evolution

The very first sketch of Tigra.

The Cat series only lasted for four issues, before it was canceled due to bad sales. Then two years later, a man named Tony Isabella took up The Cat character and molded her into a new hero Tigra. Gil Kane designed Tigra's look: a humanoid tigress, first appearing in Giant-Size Creatures (July, 1974). During the 1970s, Tigra continued to hold down short runs in various Marvel horror-/monster-related titles (e.g. Marvel Chillers), before moving on to guest appearances in the Avengers titles and more prominent role in West Coast Avengers. Kicking off the 21st century, Tigra returned in a four-part mini series, and guest appeared in several titles. She took on a more major role during the Dark Reign story arc in Avengers: The Initiative, and subsequently went on to play a lead role in Avengers Academy.

Major Story Arcs

Greer and Bill Nelson

Bill's Death
Greer Grant was a University of Chicago sophomore when she met rookie policeman Bill Nelson, with whom she fell in love and subsequently married. Greer dropped out of college at Bill's insistence. When Bill was killed in an off-duty shooting, Greer was left on her own. When she tried to find a job, the only positions she was offered were as a typist or clerk, but she knew she could be something more. One day, she ran into her old physics professor, Dr. Joanne Tumolo. She remembered her old pupil and hired Greer as her lab assistant. Greer also returned to college. After several months, Dr. Tumolo revealed she'd been working on a private project to allow women to achieve their full mental and physical potential, despite the handicaps that society placed on them. She wanted Greer to be the first subject.

The Cat

Greer as the Cat
Due to lack of funds, Dr. Tumolo had made an arrangement with an eccentric named Malcolm Donalbain. Donalbain was a fanatic about physical conditioning. He had agreed to sponsor the research. However, he overrode Dr. Tumolo's choice and insisted his protege, Shirlee Bryant, be their "first lovely guinea pig." The doctor wanted to cancel the experiment, but Greer persuaded her to secretly test on her as well as Shirlee. Both women emerged from the treatments with superhuman physical and mental abilities. Donalbain planned to use those powers for his own purposes. He told Shirlee she was to be the first of hundreds of enhanced women who would work in his clubs. Using the clubs as a front, Donalbain's force would seize control of the country. He gave her a uniform to wear, a yellow catsuit with blue claws, gloves, and sash. Shirlee balked at donning a cat-eared cowl, but Donalbain told her that it mechanically enhanced her hearing and night vision. Reassured, she finished off the outfit with a studded blue collar. The will-nullifier forced her to obey Donalbain, much to his satisfaction. He ordered Shirlee to demonstrate her new athletic abilities, but she fell to her death. Donalbain had his henchmen dynamite Dr. Tumolo's lab to eliminate any incriminating evidence. The doctor was critically injured in the explosion. Greer donned one of The Cat uniforms to put an end to Donalbain's plans.
Greer continued her adventures, defeating the Owl, Commander Kraken, Man-Bull. And the Man-Killer, who she took down with the help of Spider-Man. One day she came home to interrupt a kidnapping attempt on the convalescing Dr. Tumolo by Hydra agents. Greer was shot with an "alpha radiation" pistol while driving off the agents. Dr. Tumolo offered her to save her life, but that meant turning Greer into one of the Cat People. She replied "Life is precious to me, in any form". They used a mystic ritual that bound the soul of one of the Cat People to her. The reborn Tigra abandoned both her previous identities as Greer and The Cat. The costume used by Greer as The Cat was later found and used by Hellcat.

Tigra The Were-Cat

Birth of Tigra
After the ritual that turned Greer into the Tigra, Hydra found their location and attacked them, though she was able to escape. She met the Werewolf By Night on the beach and together they fought Hydra's soldiers, but to no avail. She soon was captured, and the Werewolf was left unconscious on the beach. But the wolf didn’t want to be separated from Tigra, for he felt something for her when he first saw her. As soon as he came to, he followed some Hydra men to their base and rescued Tigra from a cage. Again they fought together against the soldiers. The battle was won when Dr. Tumolo released a powerful strain of the Black Plague, which the Cat People made certain to seal off in the cave with the doomed Hydra soldiers. The Werewolf ran away in confusion when Tigra turned back into human form. At first she could change her form with a cat's-head amulet, but she lost that ability, and the amulet only cast an illusion of her being human.
She fought Kraven The Hunter for the first time when she rescued a doctor from his lair. Soon after that she managed to track down the Rat Pack; she found herself against Super-Skrull, who was disguised as the Rat Pack’s leader. Teaming up with Red Wolf she followed them. In the final battle, Super-Skrull tried to use the Soul Catcher to capture Tigra's soul, but the artifact chose Super-Skrull himself as a target, and he was trapped in there. The outcome made Tigra question, whether she still has a soul.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
Next she met with the Thing, when she broke into the Baxter Building, to get help to defeat the Cougar who had Null-Bands and planned to take over the world with them. Later, Tigra brought the Soul Catcher to the Fantastic Four for safe keeping. When she found out that the Fantastic Four had been captured by the Frightful Four, she went to their rescue, but got herself captured, too. Various circumstances allowed them to escape and the Frightful Four were defeated. Tigra stayed there awhile, competing with Thundra for the Thing’s affection, but he loved Alicia Masters and rejected them both. Once while having a steak with the Thing they happened on a Metalloid, who was carrying a bank vault and they went and stopped it together. When the Brute, who was the counter-earth Mr. Fantastic, threw unconscious Invisible Woman out of the window: Tigra, Thundra and the Impossible Man saved her. They then returned to the building and battled the Blastaar that came from the Negative Zone. When the time came to clean up all the damage, Tigra along with Thundra left the Baxter Building.

Solos And Quest Appearances

After her adventures with Fantastic Four, she was captured by Kraven the Hunter, who used a high-tech collar to make her his slave. Kraven planned on entertaining himself with a death-fight between Tigra and Spider-Man. Spider-Man however saw the collar and released Tigra from its influence, and together they beat Kraven. Her first meeting with Tabur was when Dr. Tumolo sacrificed herself to warn others of his actions. Tabur planned to take over the world and lead the Cat People. He had a weapon that turned humans back to apes and animals to their prehistoric forms. The Cat People revealed themselves to the world that day and thwarted his plans. Tigra battled with Tabur, got hold of the weapon and used it on him, turning Tabur back into a house cat.

The Fall of Hank Pym

Avengers Assemble

When Moondragon got all the possible recruits together for a new group of Avengers, Tigra was chosen as one of them. Moondragon pitted them against one-another, Angel was chosen as Tigra‘s opponent. After the whole mess, Tigra even got chosen for the new team. Her first battle as an Avenger was against Elfqueen, but it ended quickly when they realized why she was lashing out. Her next confrontation with Avengers was Ghost Rider, who too lashed out to the world, much like Elfqueen and their own team member Hank Pym. When battling him, Tigra was blasted with hellfire and was frightened after that. She even froze during the battle. In the end, Ghost Rider was talked out of fighting by Angel.

Tigra Quits The Avengers

Meeting The X-Men

One day when she was only Avenger present at the mansion, she helped X-Men to fight Deathbird and her Brood allies. When the Molecule Man reformed himself, and built a gigantic dome over half of Western Jersey, the Avengers went to stop him. It took the whole team and the Silver Surfer to make a hole in the dome just big enough for flexible Tigra to fit through. Taking a chance, she went ahead to scout; however, she was soon caught by the Molecule Man. She then started to talk to him to gain his trust and stall until the other team members arrived. When they did, Molecule Man quickly disarmed them and captured them. He offered to spare Tigra if she would say that she liked him. Tigra, wanting to live, uttered the lie. With the other Avengers and the Silver Surfer seemingly killed, the Molecule Man made Tigra his pet. Tigra tried to kill the Molecule Man while he slept, but was not able to go through with it. She was reunited with the other Avengers, who had survived thanks to the cosmic power of the Silver Surfer, and battle with the Molecule Man ensued. Molecule Man was beaten, and while the men discussed what to do with him, Tigra managed to talk the Molecule Man out of being a villain. After that adventure, Tigra felt that she wasn't ready for global scale villains and decided to quit the Avengers.

Spider-Man & Woman

Kwikkee Burger Commercial

While still in New York, she tried her hand at show-business, working briefly for an advertising firm. She also met with her old enemy Zabo, who blamed her for his brother, Malcolm Donalbain's death. Teaming up with Spider-Man again, she fought a long battle with Zabo, in the end Tigra was able to convince him to stop fighting. She then went to San Francisco. Just after arriving there, she met with frightened Poltergeist, promising to protect him. She encountered Spider-Woman for the first time when the latter tried to arrest Poltergeist. They fought, but soon Spider-Woman realized that it would be wrong to arrest the lad. Seconds later, Tigra and Poltergeist disappeared; they had been kidnapped by Locksmith and Tick-Tock, who planned to imprison all of the "freaks" in the world. All the prisoners were rescued by Spider-Woman. Soon after that, Tigra saw Spider-Woman inexplicably dying, but with the help of Shroud, she was able to keep her body alive until ambulance arrived. Tigra then contacted the Avengers to help bring her back to life. After that, Tigra helped Spider-Woman on her Private Investigator business.

West Coast Avengers

Founders of West Coast Avengers

When the West Coast branch of Avengers was created under the leadership of Hawkeye, Tigra was asked to join. She hesitated at first, doubting herself. When The Blank brought Graviton back and wanted to take over the underworld in the west, Avengers got caught in the middle. Shroud, Wonder Man and Tigra wanted to stop Graviton, but were defeated. Shroud and Tigra were tossed to sea along with The Blank, but he kept Wonder Man under water in the pool, to watch him die. At the sea, Tigra activated the emergency beacon and Iron Man (James Rhodes) came to their rescue. The Avengers then invaded Graviton's hideout in disguise, Tigra taking the role of Madame Masque. When they located Wonder Man, they sprung the plan into action. Iron Man and Tigra lured Graviton to a power station and using its power, Iron Man weakened him. With all the team members working together, they beat Graviton. After that, Tigra felt that she belonged to the Avengers after all.

The next big challenge was Maelstrom, who by absorbing earth's kinetic energy had grown quite powerful. They defeated him by feeding him more energy, so his body didn't have time to convert the energy to mass and he grew too big for this earth, his body dissipating in the process. On one of the flying lessons over the pacific, Tigra's quinjet was brought down by a giant lizard, it happened over the island of Dr. Demonicus. When Demonicus ordered the lizard to destroy her and the village, she went to combat the animal, but didn't fare very well. Fortunately, Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Iron Man heard her mayday call, and came to help. Iron Man carried the lizard to sea and dropped it off. Soon after that, the West Coast Avengers battled A.I.M planes and Tigra's quinjet was yet again shot down. Tony Stark, who now again was Iron Man, came and finished the battle quickly in his new armor. When the Beyonder showed up on earth, Tigra took part in battling him like any other hero. Next, the West Coast Avengers were called to battle Ghaur, who wanted to dig up a celestial body under Diablo Mountain. When Hank Pym appeared at the west coast base to study new Goliath's (Atlas) powers, Tigra started to flirt with him.

During the investigation of a ship, Tigra confided to Mockingbird that she was acting more cat-like: demanding affection, afraid of water and liking to curl up on windowsills. And she felt as if she had two souls and they were tearing each other apart. The ship where they found Ultron turned out to be a trap; they escaped only thanks to Hawkeye's vibranium arrow. Returning to base, it was attacked immediately by Ultron. Tigra was ordered to watch over Goliath. There she was attacked by Man-Ape, who intended to free his captured ally. Tigra held her own against him and was actually winning, but she was knocked out from behind by Ultron. Hank Pym and Wonder Man were kidnapped, and the other Avengers went to look for hints from Wonder Man's past and learned the location of his brother Grim Reaper. While flying there, they were attacked by Ultron again, fighting him for a long time. Iron Man and Tigra went outside to clean the quinjet of Ultron robots who tried to tear it apart. At the end they still crash-landed the jet, and were all captured. Grim Reaper tried to recreate his human brother by comparing Wonder Man and Vision brainwaves. Mockingbird learned of their location and came to their rescue. Most of the villains escaped. While fighting Ultron, Tigra pushed him into one of the machines, not knowing that it would restore him, and it did allow him to escape too.

 Again Tigra started to feel that she was not an adequate member of the team, and she went off to be alone for a while. Trying to thwart a robbery, she happened upon Kraven the Hunter again. He finished the battle with a poisonous claw, and escaped with stolen goods. Later, Tigra had his scent and hunted him down. On another confrontation, Kraven tricked Tigra into several traps, but she was able to get free of them all. Noticing that Hawkeye and Mockingbird were looking for her, she moved the fight to an unseen location. Fight between Kraven and Tigra continued, but was suddenly ended with a nerve pinch that rendered Tigra motionless. When Kraven was about to strike a death blow, he was stopped by Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Tigra was angry at their intervention, but let them talk her to returning to the Avengers compound. Soon after that, Firebird dropped at their doorstep and Tigra grew territorial and didn't like her being there. Growing more and more cat-like, Tigra had relationships with both Hank Pym and Wonder Man at the same time.

Cat People

Cat People of Land Within

Soon they confronted Master Pandemonium for the first time. Mockingbird, keeping her word, wanted to help cure Tigra from the cat-curse and they went to get help from Jack Russell, the werewolf Greer met when she was turned into Tigra. They learned a spell for contacting Cat People representative Balkatar, and he teleported them to Land Within, a place where Cat People live. Tigra revealed her past to the King Gerark and asked for her Tigra soul to be removed. The King told her that he needed time to think on that, and allowed Balkatar to show Tigra around in the Land Within. While doing so, Tigra again started to act more cat-like and they copulated. After the act, Balkatar and Tigra shared stories of Cat People who lived in Land Within and who lived on Earth. In that time, the King had come to a decision to remove whichever soul Tigra wanted removed if she completed one task, which was to kill Master Pandemonium. With hesitation, Tigra accepted it. They then stayed with the Cat People for awhile, taking part in a feast. Getting back from Land Within, they met with The Rangers, Firebird's previous team members. It turned out that one of them was a demon in disguise, namely Shooting Star; she was working for Master Pandemonium. Mockingbird then took the place of Shooting Star and contacted Master Pandemonium. She signaled her position to the others, and they planned an attack. They were trapped for a short time, but were able to escape. Balkatar led Tigra to Master Pandemonium, and she was ready to kill him, but he slipped through her claws.

While searching for Thing, who went missing, the Avengers were lured into a trap by Headlok. There it was revealed that Tigra could communicate with cats, as she talked the Griffin out of fighting. Thing returned and stopped Headlok, and then he departed again. In the time when the Hulk was separated from Bruce Banner, and was destroying Jericho in New Mexico, Dr. Samson wasn't able to defeat him. The Avengers went into action, Tigra being among them. The Hulk was defeated with the group effort and because Hulk and Bruce were separated.

Back at their place, Tigra sought more attention, now also hitting on Iron Man, though he and Wonder Man rejected her advances, due do thinking that Tigra and Hank were going steady. The West Coast Avengers' old foe Graviton returned, capturing Tigra and making her his pet. He was now teamed up with Halflife, Quantum and Zzzax. Graviton surprise attacked the other Avengers and defeated them quickly, transporting them to his floating piece of land. Tigra however didn't want to be his pet and lover, and was put inside a gravity field prison. She thought of being Graviton's mate for a second and then realized that her cat side was too strong; that she must remind herself of being human. Hence, she decided to use her amulet to look human more often. Beating up a guard, she escaped in his clothes, and tricked Halflife and Quantum into attacking each other, thus creating a diversion to free her teammates and ending the threat of Graviton. When Quicksilver tried to get avengers arrested, and after escaping the Vault, the west coast branch took the circus confrontation; Tigra fought with the Leo of Zodiac there. They got their names cleared again when they turned over the Zodiacs.

Battle of Tigra's Soul

A Tail!

Hawkeye wanted to test and see if Tigra was in fact in control of her Tigra soul, but she lost control and was about to kill him. It took Iron Man and Wonder Man to restrain her. Again gaining control, she promised not to be Tigra or an Avenger again. Soon after saying that they were attacked by demons, and Tigra and Hank Pym got kidnapped. The rest of the group sought help from Hellstorm and Hellcat. In Hell, Greer tried the amulet to turn back to Tigra to help the others, but couldn't. Knowing that hell is one's worst fear, Greer now knew that her fear must be to be forever human again. The Avengers arrived in Hell thanks to Hellstorm's help; during the battle they were blasted onto a boat on the river of death. Floating on the river, they ended up in Land Within. There the Avengers learned that Tigra planned on killing Master Pandemonium to rid herself of her cat soul. Tigra was pitted against helpless Master Pandemonium, but she refused to kill him. King Gerark, who felt that she was not worthy of Tigra’s soul, removed it. However, during the final battle when Hellcat gave her cat outfit back to Tigra, she broke the soul container and it bonded with her again. This time the union was stronger, and she even grew a tail.

Lost In Space And Time

Back from hell the West Coasters went to look for Firebird to invite her to the team, but they met with Dominus instead, who sent them back in time with a broken time machine (it could only go back in time). First stop on their time travel was the Old West, where they helped Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid and the Phantom Rider to defeat some enemies. Then they devised a plan to travel further back in time to Ancient Egypt to find Rama-Tut, who could fix their time machine. The Phantom Rider kidnapped Mockingbird just before the time jump and the Avengers were forced to leave her. Arriving 100 years in the past, as a test to see if the machine worked right in jumping back, they tangled with Hispanic soldiers. Hawkeye got his arm burnt and the Avengers took their leave. Making a pit stop to get Hawkeye to a doctor, they traveled to Egypt both in time and in space. Rama-Tut, unable to help them, sent them back even further, to when he was still evil. They missed three chances to return to their own time. Finally, they and Mockingbird were rescued by Hank Pym and Mr. Fantastic, who after receiving Hawkeye's message from 200 years ago rebuilt their time machine. They all traveled to Dominus' hideout to stop him from taking over human minds with his machine.

Game of Death

Hero Till The End

On the second annual baseball match, the East Coast Avengers were all suddenly struck dead. The West Coast Avengers sought the Collector's help, who let them drink poison to kill them, so they could help their friends. It was all planned by the Grandmaster to triumph over Death herself, and he forced Avengers to do battle in his game. Tigra fight was with Dr. Druid; he summoned two beasts to fight for him, but Tigra - not smelling them - understood that they were just illusions. In the end, Dr. Druid used deception and mind-control to subdue Tigra, and thus won the battle. In spite of this, the west coast team won the battle, but the Grandmaster had other plans; he captured Death and intended to destroy the universe by triggering the next Big Bang. Next challenge for the Avengers was to stop 5 bombs and defeat dead villains and heroes that were summoned to guard them. Tigra was teamed with Captain Marvel (Photon), Moon Knight and She-Hulk. They were pitted against the original Captain Marvel, Drax the Destroyer, Green Goblin and Death Adder. Their team managed to destroy the bomb with the cost of their lives. The Avengers completed the mission, but Captain America and Hawkeye being the only survivors, the Grandmaster planned another impossible task for them. Hawkeye then proposed a game of chance to save the entire universe and Avengers' lives. As a gamer, the Grandmaster couldn't refuse the chance, and played the game, and lost due do Hawkeye's trickery. Death, now free from the Grandmaster, restored all the Avengers to life.

West Coast Avengers Continues

The second time that Tigra met with the Zodiac group was when LMD (Life Model Decoy) Zodiac destroyed the human Zodiac Cartel. Tigra chose Leo as her opponent again. The LMD's managed to escape the first encounter. Scorpio then started to devise a plan to infiltrate the Avengers with their copies. In the meantime, Tigra and Moon Knight shared an intimate kiss, and they agreed to see where that relationship would lead. However, Tigra was grabbed from the woods and replaced with a new Leo LMD; Tigra was sent to Realm of the Brotherhood, she met with Hawkeye there who was replaced earlier, and together they battled endless hordes of enemies. When Scorpio transported all the Avengers and Zodiac to the same realm, Zodiac ceases to exist. The Brotherhood had the key now, and seeing that they could destroy Avengers without fighting, they sent them back to earth, because of their love for conflict. When Moon Knight went solo to kill Taurus, Tigra and Mockingbird took his side that Avengers might need to sometimes overlook the "Do not kill" rule of theirs. While Mockingbird looked for her tormentor, the Phantom Rider, in the Grand Canyon, she purposely released Yetrigar as a diversion. Tigra, along with other team members, fought the giant beast and were able to stop him. On a search for Hank Pym's first wife, the Avengers traveled to Hungary. Most of the Avengers got captured. Tigra, Hawkeye and Wonder Man were able to evade capture and at the end rescue all their team members, along them even Vision and Scarlet Witch. Tigra piloted the escape quinjet, but it got hit and they went down over Latveria. Captured by Doctor Doom; Tigra and Moon Knight - being new to him - were tested against deadly odds to see their powers. Tigra defied death for 2 hours while Khonshu talked to Dr. Doom of releasing the Avengers, and so he did. Returning to Hungary, there they met the Voice, and by his command they all tried to kill Hank Pym. They were saved by Hank's first wife, and all of them returned to America.

Evolutionary War

Soon the team was split up over different views. Some thought that Avengers should never willfully kill, and some thought that killing was sometimes necessary. Tigra joined with Mockingbird and Moon Knight, because of the deal she had made with the Cat People. Before they left, they got a message that Master Pandemonium had surfaced in Antarctica. They went to investigate and ended up getting captured by the High Evolutionary. They were separated and put into a maze for a test. To everyone's surprise, Goliath came to their rescue. The trio met briefly with the Phantom Rider again when they returned from the Savage Land. With Hellstorm's help, they confronted the Phantom Rider. Khonshu, who had been residing in the Moon Knight's body, also was released in the battle. Cheops, however, wanted to capture Khonshu and took the opportunity to attack; Tigra, Mockingbird and Moon Knight joined the battle, where Tigra again lost control. Cheops' army defeated, Khonshu took leave and Hellstorm banished the evil Phantom Rider. After that, the trio falls apart and Tigra was alone again, she chose to return to the West Coast Avengers. Super-Nova came to earth; Tigra along with other Avengers went to stop him. They didn't fare very well against him though, at the end Mr. Fantastic sent him into a time-stream.

Vision Quest

Bestial Urges

Some time later at the base, Tigra dreamed of being an alien tiger, hunting prey for fun. She was interrupted by an alarm, Ultron had attacked them again. Right after that they went to rescue the Vision from Russia, there Tigra lost control yet again and attacked lab workers, and when Hawkeye tried to stop her, she even turned on him.

Darker Than Scarlet

Tigra was rapidly becoming more cat-like, even in appearance. She was seen chasing mice in the kitchen, catching birds for food and attacking her own team members. When feeling a bit more human, she also flirted with U.S.Agent who was assigned as the team leader by the government. Finally, Hank Pym had no other choice but to shrink her, when Tigra attacked him with the intent to kill. Hank put her into a cage until he could think of a cure for her.

Atlantis Attacks

Tigra Shrinked
Immortus however released her from the cage she was in and she lived wild on the streets for several months, feeding with stray cats. During this time the Atlantis Attacks event took place. After countless months Tigra resurfaced when she was attacked by a pitbull and was mortally wounded. She was saved by Agatha Harkness, who used the Pym particle machine to make her big again, but it was Ebony who had found Tigra with other stray cats. Agatha then summoned cat-people representative, who turned out to be Tabur, he changed Tigra back to a more human appearance with the cat amulet, but wanted Tigra to be his mate; she declined. Fight ensued, during which Agatha Harkness cast a spell and the dominating cat soul went from Tigra to Tabur, changing him back into a house cat yet again. Greer, however, got to keep her Tigra appearance and the strength that came with it, but could again change back to human at will with the cat amulet.

West Coast Avengers Again

Back in her humanoid looks, she wanted to see her father, Gregson Grant. He was under police protection, but deadly ill. Tigra went on a search for the cure, but was captured. To escape the bonds, she dislocated the bones in her wrist. She stole the cure from Frederick Dirkreich and saved her father with it, after that she returned to West Coast Avengers. Searching for clues of robots pretending to be humans; Tigra, Hawkeye and Quicksilver found Ultron's base. Ultron sprayed them with a chemical to "robotize" them. Now controlling them, he sent trio to attack the Avengers. Fortunately, Iron Man figured out a correct wavelength to counteract the transformation and released them from Ultron's influence. When Dr. Doom went into the limbo with the help of Kitty Pryde to steal the magical metal Promethium, the Lady of the Lake sought out the West Coast Avengers to ask for their help. They needed to close five portals to stop Doom's plan. Tigra and Kitty Pryde teamed up on one of the portals, where they faced demon copies of Wolverine. They won the battle when Kitty phased the demons into each other. After a long fight with Doom and demons, Darkoth became the protector of that realm, he disposed the demons and sent the heroes home.

The Pacific Overlords

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter), came to ask help from the west coasters which led the Avengers to raiding Dr. Demonicus' lab, where they encountered the Big One. He was just a big baby mutated into a giant; after being defeated he grew restless and started to cry. Others asked Tigra to calm him down with purring, and so she did. Next, splitting in teams they searched Demonicus' location. The teams, however, were led into a trap. While Tigra, Iron Man and the Wasp fought Irezumi, Tigra was injured in the battle, but she still tried to go to help the others. On the way there, she blacked out and crashed her quinjet into a river in Australia, where she was rescued by aborigines.


Tigra in Australia
Tigra renounced her position from West Coast Avengers and stayed in Australia for a while, living with the aborigine tribe as thanks for saving her life. She was happy with herself and her cat side; the jungle was her home. Her peace was disrupted when a slave traders kidnapped three women from the village to be sold to Sultan of the island nation Temasika. The mercenaries hired to do the kidnap however went further and kidnapped more, even killed two of them. Tigra went and rescued the natives and captures the mercenaries. She then convinced Blowfly to take her to the Sultan, to save the three women. The rescue however didn't pan out, since Blowfly took off with the first chance he got, stranding Tigra on the island. Tigra and the women were captured by the guards, and brought back to the harem. There Tigra played along and even got face-to-face meeting with the Sultan, she then threatened him to get her and the women released. After Tigra's departure, Sultan was left swearing revenge.

Temporary Avenger

After several months, Tigra returned to America, where she was quickly pulled back to Avengers business. First she went against Hyena and later she helped to stop Ultron from destroying the world by exploding giant volcanoes. Tigra, along with Living Lightning, were sent to Mexico's volcano, where they encountered mind-controlled Mockingbird and War Machine, and unfortunately they lost the fight without disarming the bomb. Other teams didn't fare well either. In the end, Iron Man - who controlled his armor by remote - was able to release the Avengers from Ultron's control and they disarmed the bombs.

The Morgan Conquest

When a call came to assemble all Avengers, she too joined them. Morgan Le Fay was manipulating the reality. There Tigra was known as Grimalkin in a group called Queen’s Vengeance. When some of them realized who they were, Tigra still believed what was put into her head by Morgan. Only in the final battle did she remember her true self and aided in Le Fay’s defeat. Back in their own time, there were too many Avengers; she however didn’t consider staying.

Maximum Security

Space Travels
She went with Starfox to outer space to planet Deneb-7. When Quasar summoned together a team to fight the Infinites, both Tigra and Starfox went and helped him, and they were joined with Thor, Photon, Moondragon and later Jack of Hearts. Tigra being the only one who wasn't able to fly and travel in space was left to run a spaceship, Moondragon mentally force-taught her how to do that. In the end, when Infinites were about to destroy our galaxy, Quasar was able to summon Eternity. Then the team talked to Infinites and showed that only one tiny planet has a variety of life forms, causing them to reconsider. After that incident they started to move back towards earth. This was during the time when earth was made a prison colony. After receiving explanation of what's happening from earth, they confronted Lilandra about the issue. Soon after that they were captured by Kree. When they were prepared for transport, Tigra was able to get free by changing herself into human form. She freed the others and Quasar teleported them away. Their escape didn't last long, and they were brought before the Great Council again, there Moondragon showed them what Kree planned on doing to earth. Soon all Avengers who were in space were called to earth, Tigra and her group among them. Quasar again teleported the heroes to earth, for a final battle against Ronan. Quasar offered himself to contain Ego, and by doing so it weakened Ronan, he was defeated and freedom for Earth was won.


Tigra The Cop
Back on Earth, Tigra began investigating her husband's murder. She went undercover to the police academy, to find out the true identity of the Brethren of The Blue Fist. She gained their trust and was invited to join their group. She gave information to other cops who would interfere their missions. Finally she took down the main man behind The Blue Fists. She found out that her late husband was the one who started the vigilante group, but when he saw that they went too far he tried to report them, and was killed for it. Her job done, she completed the police academy, and joined the NYPD. When the Scarlet Witch went crazy and attacked her fellow Avengers, Tigra like every other Avenger went to the mansion offering help. She joined the battle when they got attacked by a Kree armada, only to later discover that this was conjured by Scarlet Witch.

Civil War

Spying for Stark
During the Civil War, Tigra chose Iron Man and the law's side. When Goliath was killed and lots of heroes switched sides, Tigra was asked to infiltrate Captain America’s team and leak info back to Iron Man. She was sniffed out as a traitor by Black Panther, and was only given information that was no threat to them. After her double cross was revealed, and as a registered hero and agent of SHIELD, she served as an instructor in Camp Hammond. She resumed her relationship with Hank Pym, unaware that he was a Skrull. During that time, she was kidnapped by the Puppet Master along with Araña, Dusk, Stature and Silverclaw and forced to serve as his personal servants. Released by Ms. Marvel she returned to her duties.

Secret Invasion

Not Safe At Home
On one of the patrols she happened on a gang lead by Jigsaw; while beating the criminals, the police arrived. The villains seized the moment and made their escape, bullets blazing. Tigra decided to take off the rest of the night and headed home, arguing about her transfer to Arkansas on the phone. She thought Iron Man should be able to change the state where she was signed on, as he owed her from the times of the Civil War. At home she was attacked by The Hood, who had started gathering villains into a team; Tigra was made an example of their power. She was shot, severely beaten and had her cat amulet stolen - all while being filmed. The Hood threatened to kill her mother if she crossed them again or said anything to others. Later The Hood's gang was beaten by New Avengers and arrested by Mighty Avengers. They however did not wait long before they broke out. They visited Tigra and wanted to know where the New Avengers were hiding to exact vengeance on them. She complied. During the battle, when The Hood was about to kill Iron Fist, Tigra jumped in and attacked him. She got shot through the shoulder, but still continued to fight. Battle was stopped abruptly by Doctor Strange, then the Mighty Avengers arrived and she was carried away from the fight. Having recovered from yet another gun wound she moved to Arkansas as Iron Man was unable to change her transfer. Tigra had no idea about the Skrull invasion until the Skrull Kill Crew came to Arkansas and revealed a Skrull there; she joined them in the last attack against Camp Hammond.


Recruiting Reptil
After the Skrull War Tigra was contacted by Valerie Cooper, who assigned her to track down Stegron with the help of Initiative graduates and a new recruit Reptil. Tigra and her team went to Nevada to pick up Reptil, but he mistook them for villains trying to raise their reputation, and only after he saw his hero, Cloud 9, he calmed down. Tigra had a few days to train him, using different cadets to train every possible aspect of his powers; Tigra herself taught him in agility. After Reptil used his ability to track Stegron's location, but they failed to capture him. Valerie wanted Reptil to sit the next assault out, but Tigra convinced her to change her mind and promised to take the fall if he failed again. To reassure Reptil that he still had a chance to be a hero, Tigra told him a story of when she first fought Molecule Man. Next time they faced Stegron, Reptil used his abilities to defeat him. However they learned that Stegron was looking for a friend of the Devil Dinosaur, Moon Boy, who was captured by humans. At first Tigra protested against releasing Moon Boy, but Reptil managed to convince her that it was the right thing to do. When S.H.I.E.L.D. forces arrived, Tigra lied to them that one of the dinosaurs ate Moon Boy and she sent Reptil home as he was useless. After that Tigra contacted Ka-Zar and told him what had transpired. The next day they met at Reptil's house and Ka-Zar took Moon Boy home and Reptil for a trip to visit the Savage Land.

Dark Reign

Tigra then joined the Lady Liberators gathered by She-Hulk to battle Red Hulk. Shortly afterwards she learned that she had become pregnant by the Skrull who had been posing as Hank Pym. Fearing she would give birth to a full-blown Skrull she went to see Trauma. Trauma suggested that because of her cat-like physiology she could end up birthing a whole litter of half-breeds and not just one. Tigra's fears grew upon realizing this and that fear caused Trauma to transform into a heavily pregnant version of Tigra, whose stomach quickly burst open unleashing a quintet of infant Skrulls with Tigra's cat-like eyes. Upon seeing her fear personified she confided that she had decided to terminate the pregnancy without testing if she was carrying Skrulls, since that would make it easier. Even if the child were Pym's, she was just not ready to be mother of Pym's child or to be his wife, having witnessed Pym hitting Wasp in the past.

Life Changing Moment
When Gauntlet sought someone who would take his place running the Initiative; Tigra turned him down as she already had plans to return to Arkansas and go back to teaching cadets. She was keen to train the now returned Razorback, who wanted to be part of the Initiative and also wanted to take care of a personal matter: namely the abortion. Her plans however were interrupted by Ragnarok. Initially during Ragnarok's fight with Counter-Force, Tigra had been assigned the task of getting civilians to safety but was brought into the conflict against the insane clone at Gauntlet's command. As she rushed into battle, Ragnarok hurled his mecha-Mjolnir at her, which she dodged but not without suffering a small cut on her stomach. Tigra, now clearly worried about the unborn child growing within her, announced (without revealing her pregnancy to the others) that she was heading back to Evacuation Duty. Her actions and sudden concern for her unborn child's well-being suggested that she might not be going through with the abortion and would instead end up giving birth to the child. After Ragnarok left, Tigra helped in damage control, rescuing civilians. The New Warriors arrived and revealed the death of MVP, the incident ending with the arrival of Norman Osborn, who closed Camp Hammond. Tigra's help was next sought by founding members of her former team - the West Coast Avengers - to take down War Machine. They caught up with him in the air where he was attacking a passenger plane; Tigra's part was to jump on War Machine's assistants' ship and disable them. She did her job but War Machine dismantled the ship leaving Tigra falling to her death; she, Clint Barton, Mockingbird and War Machine's assistants were saved by Wonder Man. Tigra was filled in on what War Machine was up to, and former the West Coasters joined him in his fight against Ultimo. When Ultimo was destroyed, the living metal fell to earth and merged with plants, surrounding Tigra. War Machine managed to defeat Ultimo, making his mind a clean slate. War Machine then ordered other heroes to disappear, as he had battle to do with Norman Osborn.

Osborn's Order
Tigra planned on asking for full time job at the Arkansas team after the closure of Camp Hammond. Norman Osborn however had other plans for her; first he wanted to arrange the abortion as he had learned of Tigra's pregnancy from Trauma's files. Tigra however announced that she had yet to make the final decision. Norman then rephrased his sentence to an order: either give the fetus now at five weeks pregnant or she give the child when it is born. Norman wanted to study the child and use it to create a biological weapon. Tigra couldn't believe what she was hearing and threatened to take this to the public. Norman then said that she would definitely lose that fight, causing Tigra to lose her temper and attack him. Norman then revealed that The Hood would be the new leader of the Initiative and suggested she cooperate with the terms offered her. Tigra was sent home to think about it and the new Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen) was assigned to "accompany" her until she does. Tigra didn't get far from Avengers Tower, when Ares was thrown out of the window by Gauntlet. Tigra took the chance to attack Ms. Marvel, slicing her costume open and ran as the paparazzi crowd surrounded Ms. Marvel and took pictures of her exposed breasts. The Hood sent his new Initiative to apprehend Tigra and Gauntlet. Tigra and Gauntlet joined forces, but were soon tracked down by Griffin. The fight didn't last long when the New Warriors arrived; Tigra and Gauntlet joined them with plans to reveal Osborn's true colors to the world, and Tigra renamed the group the Avengers Resistance.

Avengers Resistance

Somewhere in this time, Tigra secretly gave birth to a baby boy, because of her cat-like metabolism the pregnancy only took two months. She named her son William Nelson, after her late husband and gave him to Cat People to look after, until she is safe enough to be reunited with him.

Viva La Revolution
Thinking that U-Foes are going to steal from a bank, Tigra, Gauntlet, Justice and Ultragirl went to stop them. The police arrived and not wanting to hurt them, Tigra's team pulled out. They didn't find evidence that U-Foes were there to steal money, but they managed to plant a program to detect any later tampering in the bank system. Tigra then came up with a plan: to treat the new "heroes" of the Initiative like she herself was treated. First she sent her mother out of the country for her to be safe. Then she broke into one of Brothers Grimm's hotel suite and brutally beat him, she broke his arm and videotaped it, saying it is just the beginning. On seeing Prodigy defect from The Initiative on live television, Tigra formed a plan to extract him and two of his team-mates. They arrived a bit late; Osborn's forces were already there. In the fight Night Thrasher (Donyell) was shot, and Tigra and the other Avenger Resistance members had no choice but to retreat and leave him; Prodigy however decided to stay behind and face the consequences. As Prodigy was brutally beaten, Tigra filmed it, so it could be uploaded to the net and reveal to the world that the current heroes are not who they appear to be. Tigra next broke into Razorfist's apartment to sought information of Donyell's location. There she met a de-powered Komodo, who claimed to know where he is, and also wanted to join the Avengers Resistance. Tigra took the information back to base and they formulated a plan of attack. They didn't waste much time and moved in on the same night. Tigra, Scarlet Spider ( Patrick) and Slapstick entered the compound while others fought for time outside. Soon after the battle sounds began Tigra ordered Slapstick to assist those outside. Tigra and Patrick were able to free and escape with Donyell. Back outside, Tigra had a chance to get her revenge against The Hood, but lost the chance when Robbie Baldwin provided distraction for their escape; using it Tigra escaped Camp HAMMER without any problem.

The Unspoken

Tigra and other Avengers Resistance members, who were present in the base when Mighty Avengers arrived, joined the group to defeat The Unspoken. They had only a short briefing on who he was and what kind of threat he posed to the world, before they charged into battle. Tigra was among those who were turned into Alpha Primitives by the gas that The Unspoken released. She was forced to obey his orders and attacked her teammates. Fortunately Amadeus Cho and Hank Pym figured out a way to restore all heroes to their former selves, Tigra amongst them.


Vs. The Hood
Tigra supplied a new hideout for the Avengers Resistance, an old Cat People safe house. Ultragirl confronted Tigra about her attacks on villains, concerned about looking bad in the public; Tigra shrugged her off saying that she was trying to throw them off their game, and the revenge part of it was just a bonus. Tigra's next target was the Mandrill. When Tigra and other Avengers Resistance saw the news on how Norman Osborn attacks Asgard; they decided to attack Camp HAMMER. There Tigra finally got her showdown with The Hood. The Hood wanted Donyell to attack Tigra if he wants his brother returned to life, but he refused his offer and helped Tigra instead. However, Tigra's chance to avenge her attack was again cut short when The Hood teleported away. During the fight with Norn Stone-powered villains, the magic suddenly shifted sides thanks to Loki, and the heroes quickly overcome their opponents. The Dark Reign was over.
Tigra was informed by other cops that The Hood was captured, and goes to see him, not knowing if she should kill him or not. But on her way there she meets Hood's wife and daughter, and realizes that the fact that the Hood won't get to hold his child anymore is more than enough punishment for him. During the hero gathering at Stark's Tower, Tigra is reunited with her son William.

Avengers Academy

Single Mom Who Sheds
After hearing that Reptil had been captured by HAMMER, she along with Hank Pym and Justice went to save him. Tigra, Hank Pym, Justice, Quicksilver and Speedball took over the former Initiative program, now named Camp Hammer, and renamed it the Avengers Academy. There they selected a group of kids who were treated the worst by Norman Osborn in tests of their powers and formed the first class, with Tigra teaching Law Enforcement. Tigra was against the first proposed test of the student for fear of them getting injured. Ultimately her opinion didn't matter and the test was activated with the students receiving a surprise attack. Thanks to Finesse, the team perform well and pass the test. Next the teachers decided to scare the pupils away from crime by showing them super-powered criminals on the Raft. Things go wrong when the power goes out and some prisoners get loose. Worse still, Mettle, Veil and Hazmat go missing. Tigra and the rest of the teachers help to capture escaped criminals and while fighting Powderkeg, they find the missing students and save them from a group of villains.
A video of Tigra's beating by the Hood gets released to the internet. Tigra goes after the Slug, the one who sold it and manages to halt the release of video in its whole length. To finally address the issue, Tigra arranges to go on a talkshow and have the entire video shown to promote help for victims of trauma. Tigra takes the opportunity of the show to also reveal the opening of the "Always An Avenger" center for abuse victims. Back at the academy, the students show the video they took while beating The Hood to Tigra. Tigra is furious and expels them for acting no better than villains. The other teachers convince Tigra to change her mind, and she lets the students stay. Tigra and Hank Pym have grown quite close again due to the child they share, eventually they rekindled their romantic relationship.

Fear Itself

Saving a Cop
When minions of Sin attack Washington, D.C., Tigra leads the students of Avengers Academy into the battlefield to help out with civilian evacuation. Tigra agonizes over putting the students in a war zone because she fears for their physical and mental well-being. During the battle, Mettle is forced to kill an enemy combatant, and he is immediately filled with sorrow. Tigra consoles him and assures him that he did the right thing and that eventually, he will have to make that same decision again. Back at the Infinite Mansion, Tigra left the students alone to check on Hank Pym in Dubai. Tigra and Hank Pym make it back just in time to save the kids from two hammer wielders. Avengers Academy has moved to old Avengers West Coast mansion and open their door to every young here who thinks he needs tutoring.

Avengers Academy at West Coast

Tigra has been seen testing new feral students like the current White Tiger - Ava Ayala and X-23. Later Reptil (from a future, who took over his younger self body) approached her and asked to check on one of the new kids, Jimmy Marks. But it was a trap and the kid Jimmy was really Hybrid, who then took control of Tigra's body and planned to keep her for breeding. Eventually Reptil decided to turn against Hybrid and helped the heroes to defeat him. Tigra was freed from the mind control just in time to hear that Jocasta wants to dismantle the Avengers Academy.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Tigra was left to tend for the students when most of the Avengers went to confront the X-Men. The Avengers even brought the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning students to the academy to keep them safe, under the supervision of Dr. Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries. Along with the students came Sebastian Shaw, who recently had his memory erased. He was put in a holding cell just in case, but he escaped. Tigra decided not to evacuate the students, and capture Shaw. Tigra eventually caught up with Shaw, and tried to subdue him by strangling him into submission. But Shaw jumped through the wall knocking Tigra unconscious. After Tigra came to, she confronted the kids again, who were about to escape, but decided to throw the fight she had to do because of the cameras on the school's ground. When Emma Frost being one of the Phoenix Five came to Avengers Academy to destroy the Sentinel Mark IV, Tigra along with the students wanted to stop her. Thanks to Quicksilver Emma thought she had destroyed the Sentinel, and left. Tigra and Hank Pym then agreed to disband the Avengers Academy at least until the war between X-Men and Avengers is resolved. They got the academy up and running again, but several students seemed to want to go home. Hank Pym was suspicious that so many students would leave at the same time, but Tigra tried to calm Hank down.

Fearless Defenders

Tigra is asked by Misty Knight to assist Valkyrie and others to fight the Doom Maidens. They manage to hold their ground until Valkyrie transformed into her old self and single-handedly took out all the Doom Maidens. In a berserker rage Valkyrie also defeated her allies, but left them alive. Later after regaining her senses, Valkyrie revealed that she knows who the future shieldmaidens are, but she will not call upon them, until she knows more. Tigra was one of the future shieldmaidens.

She Hulk: Blue

Tigra's name was in the Blue file that She-Hulk discovered. Tigra and several others were involved in a suit, that none of them remembers about. When Hellcat talked with Tigra about it and named the person who sued them, George Saywitz, it triggered a hypnosis reaction. Tigra attacked and wounded Hellcat severely, Hellcat managed to dislocate Tigra's arm, but it didn't stop her attack. After thinking she has beaten Hellcat the trigger compelled Tigra to suicide, and she was about to jump off of the roof, but Hellcat who was still conscious enough, smashed her head with a rock and pulled her back onto roof. Tigra later remembered nothing of the events that took place after hearing the trigger word.

Powers and Abilities

Cat-like agility and reflexes
  • Tigra possesses tiger-like abilities to match her tiger-like appearance.
  • She has razor-sharp retractable claws on her hands and her feet, which are strong enough to cut through steel.
  • She possesses heightened senses and night vision. She is able to detect someone's mood swings merely by scent, and can see farther than a normal human with high-powered binoculars could.
  • Class-10 super-strength, allowing her to to lift up to 10 tons under normal conditions.
    • She possesses incredible cat-like agility and reflexes.
  • She is able to jump at least 40 feet with one leap.
  • Super-speed, being able to run up to 70 miles an hour.
  • Strong empathic skills, allowing her to immediately detect even non-visible injuries like internal bleeding or broken ribs.
  • Has a minor healing factor.
  • Tigra also has a slight resistance against telepathic attacks.
  • She is able to communicate with felines.
  • Tigra is able to dislocate her joints to escape entrapment.
  • Tigra has been intensively trained in hand-to-hand combat by Captain America, and also has full police training.
  • She is a skilled pilot and can fly spacecraft as well as the Avengers Quinjet.
  • Being a former private investigator, Greer Nelson is a talented detective and tracker.

Physical Statistics

As Greer Nelson:
  • Height:5' 8"
  • Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Black
  • Unusual Features: None
As Tigra:
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Orange
  • Unusual Features: Tigra's skin is covered in sleek orange fur with a black tiger-stripe pattern. She has the vertically-slit pupils of a feline, as well as cat-like fangs, claws, pointed ears, and a tail.
  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Education: Bachelor of Science degree
  • Occupations: Avenger; NYC police officer, fashion model, private investigator, former laboratory assistant
  • Known Relatives: Gregson Grant (father), Mrs. Grant (mother), Bill Nelson (husband, deceased), William Nelson (son)

Weapons and Equipment

Being naturally coated with warm fur, Tigra has little need for clothing and finds it uncomfortable and restrictive. For modesty's sake she wears only a black (sometimes dark blue) bikini, decorated with animal claws in the tradition of the Cat People. On the front clasp of her bikini top is a mystic amulet shaped like a cat's head, given to her by the Cat People, that allows her to transform her appearance from feline to human at a touch. However, she now greatly prefers her Tigra form and only changes to human form when absolutely necessary.
As the Cat, Greer Nelson wore a high-tech yellow costume that augmented her natural agility and speed to superhuman levels. It was equipped with claws that could be fired as grappling hooks and used as weapons, as well as a cowl that enhanced her hearing and allowed her to see into the infrared spectrum. After Greer's transformation into Tigra, her inherent powers and physiology greatly exceeded the capabilities of the Cat costume so she had no further use for it. The costume is now in the possession of Patsy Walker (Hellcat).

Other Versions

Earth-398 (Earth Morgan)
This was created when longtime Avengers enemy Morgan Le Fay used the Norn Stones, the Asgardian Twilight Sword, and the Scarlet Witch's powers to transform reality into a medieval society, with herself as its queen. The Avengers were bewitched into serving as Le Fay's personal bodyguards, called the Queen's Vengeance, and their costumes and codenames were altered to reflect their medieval setting. Tigra became known as "Grimalkin" and was a member of Queen’s Vengeance. Eventually several of the Avengers broke free of the enchantment and realized who they really were, but Tigra still believed what had been put into her head by Morgan. Only in the final battle did she remember her true self and aid in Le Fay’s defeat.
Earth-982 (MC2)

Earth-982 MC2
Tigra was one of the Avengers who entered a dimensional portal to save the world. The portal took them to a reality where the Red Skull had taken control of everything and virtually every hero now worked for him. Though the Avengers faced impossible odds (12 against 500), they still achieved victory, though at great cost. Tigra was among the heroes who gave her life to save Earth, along with Justice, Firestar, Giant Man, Firebird, and Living Lightning.
Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

Earth-1610 Ultimate
Marie Grant was a cop who shot and killed a young man. She was sentenced 25 years in prison. When she defended herself against attacks from other inmates, she was thrown into solitary. Nick Fury visited her shortly after and offered her a way out. She was turned into feline hybrid by US government, and teamed up with Wonder Man, Vision and Quake. She took part in hunting Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. But when the mission failed and they weren't very stealthy on the mission, Tigra and the others were put into tubes to sleep. Nine years later they were found by Ford, the spokesperson for California, and he released them. He lied to them that Captain America had taken control of America, and plans to attack other states and sent Tigra and Quake to attack the White House. Tigra attacked Captain America directly, the fight was vicious but she eventually was knocked out by him.
Earth-2149 (Zombieverse)

Earth-2149 Zombie-verse
Tigra was among a group that tried to rescue survivors of the zombie holocaust, but the plan backfired and all of the livings were killed, Tigra included. She became a zombie and hunted the survivors to feed. They happened upon another Fantastic Four from an alternate universe. All of the zombies followed them, and when they escaped the Zombieverse, an explosion followed. Zombie Tigra managed to escape the explosion. She came into conflict with an alternate universe Spider-Man who had gotten lost in theirs. After that battle she somehow lost the skin of her face but still continued to function. Next she fought with Deadpool, from yet another alternate earth. This time the battle didn't go that well for Tigra, she was shot into several pieces and disabled from functioning properly.
Earth-2301 (Mangaverse)

Earth-2301 Mangaverse
Tigra was the assistant of Doctor Strange, who bound her with a curse so that she would stay in her part-animal form until she could perform a thousand good deeds. She has a crush on T'Challa (the Black Panther), who in this reality was an actual were-panther. Tigra took part of the massive battle when Black Panther's sister T'Channa as Doctor Doom attacked the United States.
When The Hand ninjas attacked and killed Dr. Strange, Tigra tried to avenge him, but was frozen with the Mandarin ring and then hacked into pieces.
Earth-9511 (Last Avengers Story)

Earth-9511 Last Avenger Story
Tigra, Hulk, Wonder Man, Hawkeye and Mockingbird were teamed together against Ultron-19. Hulk decided to switch sides. Hawkeye managed to take down Ultron, but Hulk was another matter. Tigra jumped for his eyes, but Hulk got hold of her and tore her in half. Mockingbird knocked Hawkeye out and dragged him from the battle. Wonder Man however was mourning Tigra's death but still fought Hulk. Hulk managed to almost kill him, but Wonder Man created a nuclear explosion, killing himself and Hulk.
Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures)

Earth-20051 Marvel Adventures
Tigra was a private investigator who was hired to gather some every day material of Avengers life. She secretly tracks the Avengers thinking she wasn't detected, but she was. It turned out that the Avengers just wanted to test her. She ended up joining the Avengers. On their day off, Avengers relaxed at the beach; their private time was cut short when Namor attacked the beach with a giant sea-monster. Tigra fought him at the sea with other Avengers, despite the fact that she hates water.
When Tigra and the Avengers fought mammoth at London Tower, they followed a odd number of cats and were pulled back in time. With time being manipulated and unstable, they stopped in different times. Tigra got to meet the real-life Abraham Lincoln, Alexander The Great and even got her picture drawn by Toulouse Lautrec. When finally stopping in ancient Egypt, they met Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, who also were lost in time and captured by the sorcerers who manipulated time. Tigra being half-cat was mistaken for cat goddess Bast. Tigra saw in this an opportunity to fight against the sorcerers, and let people believe she was Bast. Having defeated the sorcerers, the Avengers were sent back to their own time.
While having a day off from heroing, the Avengers visited a flea market. Tigra stopped by an accessory booth and one of the necklaces caught her eye. It was a bit dusty and she tried to rub it off. Doing that released an old genie, who was locked there by Hulk from the future. Genie offered Tigra three wishes for releasing him, Tigra thought hard and in the end refused to wish, as most stories about the wishes have negative effect attached to them. Brank the genie then went to seek out Hulk from this timeline. Iron Man grabbed Tigra and Spider-Man and flew to Avengers tower. On their way there, Tigra spotted Bruce Banner thrown out of the window. Getting closer, Tigra jumped down from Iron Man's back to grab Bruce and offered him a softer landing. Brank attacked them all, but when he realized that every one of Avengers had powers beyond normal humans, he fled to rethink his battle plan. Iron Man offered to draw the upcoming fight away from civilians and they traveled to one of his summer houses. Tigra had a hard time sleeping, as she dreamed of wishes gone bad. At morning, Tigra accidentally wasted second of her wishes on sausages by accident. Almost immediately they were attacked by the genie again. When Tigra realized that they were unable to win the fight she wished for a genie capturing lamp that had no negative effects, thus ending the fight.
When Tigra was out on the town on a shopping race with She-Hulk and Spider-Man, they happened on a dog LMD, who contained secret information of S.H.I.E.L.D. They were attacked by several Life Model Animals who were controlled by the Leader. In the end it was the robot dog who helped defeat the evil genius. The Leader was on another plot; this time he stole some codes to laser satellites. Tigra along with other Avengers took his gang down. Her fight was easy however, as Rhino wanted out of the villain business and surrendered easily. After that the Avengers took time off to watch an international baseball game.
Tigra has grown quite close to Hulk with her time spent on the Avengers. When there was made a documentary on Hulk's life, Tigra happened to be on several shots of the movie. Time came for the awards, and Hulk's movie was nominated. Tigra was invited as his plus one, and it came handy; Mysterio attacked the award show. Tigra was unaffected by Mysterio's illusion gas and snapped Hulk out of it too, together they defeated the villain.

Spidey Super Stories
Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories)
When Greer was still going by the super name, The Cat, she tracked Owl from Chicago to New York; there she joined forces with Spidey. Together they fought Owl who was responsible for several skyscraper robberies. Once she was captured by Kraven the Hunter, who wanted to create an animal based superhero zoo. Spidey saved her along with The Falcon, who was also imprisoned by Kraven earlier. After Greer had gone through the mystical transformation to Tigra, she continued to help people. Once she was contacted by Spidey for a meeting. But when they met at the circus, it turned out that Spidey also had received an invitation signed with Tigra's name. it turned out that Kraven was behind it, and now he wanted a Super Circus, with Tigra and Spidey as his attraction. Tigra was briefly trapped, but Spidey set Tigra free, and then they defeated Kraven once again.
Earth-53163 (House of M)

Earth-58163 House of M
Tigra used her cat-like appearance to be considered as a mutant, while she worked undercover for the Sapien Liberation Army (SLA). One night she was brutally attacked by humans who thought her to be a mutant; she was saved by Luke Cage. Having survived the FBI attack that took place on the SLA, she joined Luke's Avengers, who opposed the rule of Magneto. In time the two fell in love. On a mission where they thought a shipment of computer parts was being transported, the Avengers were ambushed. Tigra noticed Taskmaster aiming for Luke, and she jumped in front of the bullet, killing her.
Earth-70105 (Bullet Point)
Tigra assisted all the heroes in defeating Galactus. She survived the battle and was left to mourn those lost.
Earth-99062 (Mini-Marvels)
Tigra was happily playing on the playground, but when Captain America arrived and he got into argument with Iron Man; Tigra took part in Civil Wards and chose Iron Man's side.
Dark Avengers World

Dark Avengers World
In a world manipulated by A.I.M. Tigra was working for Doctor Strange, she called him Master and was also romantically involved with him along with Clea. When Doctor Strange had captured Moonstone and Skaar, Tigra offered to remove Moonstone's Moonstone, but Strange had other plans. During a fight on the streets Tigra attacked Spider-Man of that reality and killed him. The fight ended when Doctor Strange was killed. It's unknown what happened with Tigra after that.

Captain America Corps #5
Greer Grant lived her life like her main universe counterpart and was turned into Cat. The reality changed however when Superia removed Captain America's return to present from his icy prison, and took over the protection of America with her own group called Americommand. Then Greer as the Cat joined Nick Fury's rebels. Captain America Corps joined the rebels and stormed Superia's base, Greer who got turned into Tigra with no tail by time-flux, assisted them.
In Alternate Days of Future Past
Mutants were blamed by everything that went wrong in the world, government sanctioned super-heroes were sent to apprehend them. Tigra being part of the West Coast Avengers was also on the government side and helped to lock up the mutants. But when sentinels were turned back online, they betrayed the heroes and killed every powered being they saw. Tigra’s fate is unknown.

Avengers: United They Stand
Animated Avengers: United They Stand
Tigra is a were-tiger and the newest member of the Avengers. Hank Pym however thought that Tigra is not totally in control and might go off unexpected. He told his suspicions to his wife Wasp too, and they both keep an eye on her. When they fought HYDRA, Pym suspected that she lost control, but Tigra swore she was only playing, to get information from Baron Strucker. Tigra among others was summoned to protect the president when Ultron attacked him. However it was only a diversion to draw them away from Hank Pym.
The Avengers figured out his plan and saved Pym just in time. She fought alongside Captain America against Masters of Evil. While battling Kang the Conquer, Tigra was caught in the time bomb, and was aged dozens of years. Despite her age she still fought Kang as she could. In the end Pym figured out how to reverse the effects and turned Tigra back to her young self. After Falcon joined their ranks they had a run-in with Doctor Doom. They managed to walk away from their execution thanks to Hank Pym's smarts. Next they responded to earthquakes in Europe and joined forces with Namor and Atlanteans. Tigra's fear of water was revealed but she managed to overcome it, thanks to Falcon. During this time Tigra also developed a romantic interest with Falcon. One day, Tigra was captured along with other Avengers by Collector and sent to an alien planet. When they started to wreak havoc in this new world; Collector decided to send them back to Earth. He supplied a transport for them and left them in space. Back on Earth, Zodiac started to finalize their plan, they used magnetic based devices to pull Earth apart, to get their hands on a rare meteorite rock. The Avengers managed to avert the destruction of earth, but were unable to prevent them getting the meteorite.
Super Hero Squad

Super Hero Squad
Tigra was part of the team Thor assembled during the attack of Namor and Atlanteans on the beach. Iron Man soon figured out that Dr. Doom’s machine was behind Namor’s attack and revealed it to Namor. The battle then ended quickly by Dr. Doom escaping. Tigra was once captured by Collector as one of the unique people from earth. Later Tigra, Wasp and She-Hulk saved some civilians from escaped rhino in the Zoo. But when Super Hero Squad arrived and stole their glory they decided to create a new super group consisting of women, calling themselves Squadettes. They issued a challenge to squadies on who can gather more Fractals in a day. Tigra also took part in the Burping contest in Baxter Building, she supported Hulk, who also won in the end. In the Halloween party in the Baxter Building, Tigra took part in Fantastic Four’s Alice in Wonderland theme, she wore the costume of Cheshire Cat.

Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales
Tigra in Fairy Tales world is the Cheshire-Cat from Alice in Wonderland story. She offers an advice to lost Stature, that "Nothing in wonderland is what it appears." She also told Stature not to trust anyone and not to loose her head, as the queen and king surely would do that for her. She doesn't seem to have full body fur, in this version, but still has her cat ears and tail.
Tigra also exists in Mojo-world. She was seen asked out by Mojo himself, but Tigra rejected him and spilled her drink on him.
Avengers Forever
Tigra was seen in the fight when Time Keepers summoned Avengers that were evil to fight for them.

JLA / Avengers
Tigra took part in rescuing the civilians when the two worlds merged. She also took part in a final fight in space that took her into conflict with Cheetah.
Un-designated Earth
A version of earth where Kitty Pryde instead of Greer was infused with Tigra's soul. She retained her intangibility powers and gained extra powers those of a half-cat. It's unknown what happened to Greer; is she still The Cat or did she die from radiation poisoning.
What If v1 #35
In a world where Hank Pym died in the hands of Elfqueen; Janet Van Dyne took it really hard and went into a dark place, even renaming herself as Black Wasp. Tigra tried to be a friend to Janet and cheer her up but failed every time. Tigra stayed a member of Avengers longer on that Earth. One time saving people from a burning building, Tigra saved Captain America from a falling wall. The wall fell on her instead, but fortunately she only suffered a mild sprain. That was also the incident that convinced Wasp to drop her hero career.
What If v2 #25
Tigra took part in a fight to prevent the arrival of Set in this world. However, the heroes failed and Tigra's fate is unknown: was she killed, or was she turned into a furry-reptilian?
What If v2 #79

What The?
In a world where Storm had the power of the Phoenix; Tigra was one of the heroes who fought to defeat her. She witnessed how Storm died when the Phoenix Force left her.
What The? #1
Greer of goes by the name of Tigirl, and she with the rest of Guest Host Offengers helped in a fight with X-Persons.
What The? #7
Greer is known as Tiggera. Iin a fight with Just-A-League, she fought with Hawk-Mensch and ate him up. Later she was left hanging from a support beam, while a anthropomorphic Tiger was showing her his love.A bucket of liquid also was knocked over on the beam and it was dripping onto Tiggera, making her stay there even more uncomfortable.

Earth-What If Avengers Disassembled
What If: Avengers Disassembled
Tigra took part in the first battle with Scarlet Witch, just like she did in 616 universe. However things changed when Beast started to look for the reason behind the attack on Avengers Mansion. They found out that Scarlet Witch worked with Captain America and they wanted to cure the world. Tigra took part in the last attack on Genosha, where Scarlet Witch was hiding. When Rogue siphoned Scarlet Witch's powers, Tigra along with countless other heroes ceased to exist.
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
Greer Grant was part of the Avengers in that universe, and went by the name of Tigra. She was killed by Deadpool behind the scenes.

Other Media


Avengers: United They Stand
Tigra was a member of the Avengers in the series Avengers United They Stand. She appears in TV series with 13 episodes and 7 issue comic book based on the cartoon. She was voiced by Lenore Zann who also voiced Rogue on X-Men the Animated Series. Her name is pronounced TEE-GRA. For the story look under "Animated Avengers: United They Stand" in Other Versions section.


Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Tigra became playable character in December 2012 in Marvel's Facebook browser game "Marvel: Avengers Alliance". She is 90 point Infiltrator, with no extra costumes.
Tigra was a deploy mission in Special Operation - Cry Havok, third mission.
Nick Fury found out that Cat People are interested in Iso 8, and asks Tigra to tell them to stay away of it. Tigra does so, and comes back with a message that the Cat people will stay neutral if SHIELD shares the iso 8 benefits with them.

UMvC 3
Her bio says: A mystic ritual gave Greer Nelson razor sharp claws, enhanced senses, and the strength and speed of a tiger. But it also gave her a primal instinct that she has struggled to control ever since. Whether as part of the Avengers or not, Tigra's passion for justice has carried her through her toughest battles.
Tigra appeared in Hawkeye's ending where he assembled the New West Coast Avengers team, with members from both worlds. Tigra was selected to be part of that team.

Super Hero Squad Online
Tigra is also playable on Super Hero squad Online game since 2012. She's in Avengers team, costs 600 gold and is a melee fighter. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.
Her description says: The fast and furry Tigra brings her sharp claws to fight evil as one of the Avengers!

War of Heroes
Tigra is featured on several cards, in the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:
  • Tigra
  • [Leopardess] Tigra
  • [Tiger's Fury] Tigra

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