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Alan Fagan is the fourth and current Mr. Fear, and the nephew of the third Mr. Fear, Larry Cranston




Following the apparent death of his uncle, Larry Cranston (the third Mr. Fear), Alan Fagan found himself inheriting his uncle's Mr. Fear paraphernalia. Abandoning his family, Fagan decided to become the new Mr. Fear seeking power in the criminal underworld.


Mr. Fear was created by Steven Grant and Carmine Infantino and first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #92.

Major Story Arcs


Mr. Fear was one of the many convicts who escaped from The Raft when Electro helped stage a mass breakout. Mr. Fear and a group he had joined in prison known as the "Mind-Control Mafia" began a crime-wave and sought revenge on their former prison rivals the U-Foes, but Mr. Fear was defeated and re-captured in their first outing by Spider-Man.

Secret Invasion

Mr. Fear's uncle, Larry Cranston, re-emerged and readopted his Mr. Fear guise to torment Daredevil. When Cranston refused an offer to join The Hood's Masters of Evil, his nephew was approached to join the group, which he did. Mr. Fear fought alongside the Hood against the Avengers on numerous occasions and helped battle against invading Skrulls.

The Great Escape

Mr. Fear was captured sometime later and imprisoned in the Raft again. He begun tormenting Luke Cage from afar and dwelling upon his fears of his failures with the Thunderbolts program

Council of Masters

Thralls of The Abyss
Mr. Fear relocated to Bagalia and was invited by Max Fury to join another incarnation of the Masters of Evil. Whether or not he accepted the invitation to join the group is unknown, but all criminals residing in Bagalia are considered "honorary" members of the team by default. Mr. Fear fell under the thrall of The Abyss when Taskmaster donned a Serpent Crown merged with the Crown of Thorns and the Crown of Wolves.
After the Avengers took the crown from Taskmaster, Mr. Fear presumably remained in Bagalia.

Powers and Abilities

Mr. Fear has a gun which shoots pellets containing a special gas which induces fear in people who inhale it. Mr. Fear has also employed other gadgets, such as a hypodermic ring, to administer his "fear gas" to victims