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Rebellious, but noble prince of Throneworld.


Prince Gavyn was the spoiled prince of imperial planet known as Throneworld. Gavyn was a blond playboy who discovered his mutant abilities when his sister Clryssa orchestrated his assassination in order for her to ascend to the throne of Throneworld. 

Clryssa ordered her royal guards to place Gavyn inside his spaceship’s airlock and jettison him into the vacuum of space but his mutant ability to breathe in space allowed him to survive. Gavyn reached the outskirts of Throneworld and met a mystic named M’ntorr. M’ntorr gave Gavyn jeweled wristbands and a staff which allowed Gavyn to channel his cosmic powers. The staff allowed Gavyn to fly interstellar distances and shoot energy bolts. 

Gavyn soon learned his sister was assassinated and he became the new ruler of Throneworld.

Unfortunately, Gavyn was later suspected of having a hand in his sister’s assassination. 

This ironic turn of events drove Gavyn away from his own planet. 

Gavyn headed toward Earth where he could begin a new life however, his interstellar travel converted his body into pure energy. 

His energy or essence came across Will Payton but this fusion between Payton and Gavyn caused Payton’s consciousness to disappear. 

Now, Gavyn’s mind inhabits Payton’s body. Gavyn changed Payton’s hair from black to blonde and continued to live out his life as a cosmic superhero.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War: Countdown to AdventurePrince Gavyn eventually regains the people's trust on Throneworld but their confidence in him as a dependable leader becomes unsettled when he shows his hospitality to Bizarro who has just arrived on Throneworld. 

 Unfortunately, Lady Styx's Darkstars launch a wide scale invasion on Throneworld. 

Prince Gavyn tries to intercede but Gavyn's forces are decimated, leaving him as the only survivor. 

Adam Strange receives a communicade from Throneworld in regards to the invasion. 

Strange arrives on Throneworld but only to find it decimated by the Darkstars. Strange teleports Bizarro and Prince Gavyn to Rann so they can formulate a plan to destroy Lady Styx.

Strange Adventures
After the destruction of Rann’s atmosphere, Gavyn spoke on Adam Strange’s behalf. 

Sardath and the Rann council had no other choice but to condemn Strange for his failure to protect Rann. 

Gavyn convinced the council that Strange received a prediction from Synnar that Rann’s destruction would be inevitable. 

However, Strange managed to turn the tides by having the Weird utilize Rann’s atmosphere as an explosive catalyst which would destroy Synnar’s incursion. 

All but Sardath were convinced by Gavyn that Strange had no other choice. Gavyn has also expressed that Throneworld will be the new home of Rann’s remaining population.

Later on, when Gavyn was confronted by Synnar, Synnar revealed to Gavyn’s comrades that he was inadvertently responsible for Will Payton’s death. 
Gavyn’s dirty secret of parading in another man’s body brought Gavyn much guilt. However, Synnar offered to remove Gavyn’s guilt if he joins Synnar’s six aberrations of reality. 
Gavyn agrees and Synnar transforms Gavyn into Fusion, Synnar’s newly faithful convert. Gavyn was Life's seeker of the Aberrant Six.
 When Eye kills herself to put an end to Synnar’s conquest, Fusion along with Bizarro, follow Synnar into a dimensional rift in the hopes of fulfilling the future ambitions of their dark lord