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Woman of a Swords & Science world







The name of Starfire's planet has been lost to time, if ever recorded. Her planet is technologically advanced due to the two main civilizations. 400 years before Starfire, the priests summoned the bulky Mygorg, to serve as soldiers in their war. The enemy priests summoned the Mygorg's enemies, the shadowy Yorg. When both of the summoned races realized they were stronger than their human masters, they rebelled and enslaved them. Sookarath was the Mygorg chieftan. When a baby was brought to him, whose mother had white skin and her father had yellow skin. He raised the child as a slave.


Starfire was created by David Michelinie and Mike Vosburg

Character Evolution

When she became 18, she was to become his bethrothed. She escaped with the help of a renegade priest named Dagan. He taught her the use of arms and martial arts. Her most difficult lesson was that of independence. She fell in love with Dagan, until he was captured, tortured and killed by Sookarath's orders. Vengeance than drove her to take the mantle of warrior. She led a revolt and personally killed Sokaroth.

Major Story Arcs

Starfire Leads An Rebel Forces Against The Mygorg

Starfire Kills Sookaroth
The loss of her lover galvanized Starfire's will, and she swore an oath to free all human slaves from the clutches of her former captors. She began to slowly develop a rebel army that accompanied her on raids against Mygorg strongholds. Her first recruit was an aging priest named Anzus. Shortly thereafter, she aided in rescuing an addle-brained mute from a Mygorg pit-fighting arena. Bestowing upon him the uncomplimentary name of Thump, she came to regard him as one of her most loyal followers. The Mygorg sent a slave-scout named Moonwatcher to find Starfire for them. Moonwatcher succeeded in fulfilling his masters' wishes, but quickly turned on his oppressors and joined Starfire’s cause. Starfire eventually found and slew Sookaroth, but he was one of many Mygorg who would soon fall before her blade.

Lady Djinn

The evil sorceress Lady Djinn
Through the course of their crusade, Starfire learned about the Lightning Lords, an extinct society that once ruled her home world before the arrival of the Mygorg. She acquired a map that led to an ancient Lightning Lord Citadel, only to discover that it was now occupied by an evil sorceress named Lady Djinn. Lady Djinn had allied herself with the alien Yorg – a rival faction to the Mygorg.The enemy forces captured Thump and brought him back to the Citadel. Starfire and her crew mounted a rescue expedition and broke inside the Citadel. They discovered a master computer system known as the Keeper – an artificial intelligence capable of wielding massive amounts of power. The Keeper system had been misused by Lady Djinn and now sought to betray her. It aided Starfire and helped her crew to escape Lady Djinn's clutches, before ultimately destroying her. Following the downfall of Lady Djinn, Starfire and her rebels embarked upon a quest to find an ancient Lightning Lord artifact known as the Eye of Armageddon. The details surrounding this difficult mission have yet to be chronicled.

Starfire Teams-up with DC Super-Heroes

Starfire meets Booster Gold
Sometime later, Starfire had found herself briefly imprisoned by a Jovian warlord known as Jarrko for a brief period of time. The two time-traveling Starman (Jack),and Starman (Tomas), help rescued Starfire from Jarrko's clutches. Starfire and Claw The Unconquered were revealed as the two "eternal champions of the Sonaii " of the planet Pytharia. The name of their home planet. She has recently crossed paths with Booster Gold. Starfire and Claw have recently been sent back to their own times by Rip Hunter .

Powers and Abilities

Unarmed Combat

Starfire is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Starfire carries A katana and a laser gun. She often use other simple weapons such as slings or daggers