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Adam Strange, a sci-fi character that started during the 50s has held true to the traditions of the typical sci-fi hero archetype with a love story. Adam Strange is also Life's thinker of the Aberrant Six.









The character follows an established pattern of men from the planet Earth who are summoned to the cosmos. He is teleported from Earth to the planet Rann by the Zeta Beam where he discovers the iconic helmet and red suit and which he uses to pursue a superhero career on this planet. It is revealed that a Rannian scientist by the name of Sardath had created the Zeta Beam as a means of communicating with Earth but had accidentally created a teleportation machine instead. It was also revealed that the effects of the beam were temporary and that Adam would eventually be sent back. It was also through Sardath that Adam would meet his future romantic interest, Alanna.


Adam Strange was introduced in Showcase, a comic book series from the 1950s and 1960s which served the purpose of introducing a character to see if they might be a popular addition to the DC lineup. This featured such additions as the creation of the silver age Flash ( Barry Allen). Adam Strange was introduced in issue 17 and featured in a story that ran through until issue 19. After his introduction he was mostly ignored until later in the 1960s when DC decided to launch on a new direction in its titles focusing more on science fiction than on fantasy or mystical elements. Adam Strange came to be featured in the series Mystery in Space, where he gained the greatest deal of his popularity.

Character Evolution

Only occasionally headlining his own series, Adam Strange has more often been reduced to that of a secondary or supporting character in the history of the DC universe. The majority of the time which he spent headlining his own series was in the 1960s where continuity in character development was not a staple of writing form. Even so he did experience some development in that he came to be more attracted to Alanna and the two eventually married. In addition although his character development was mostly ignored afterwards as he was mostly assigned a guest role in comic book titles, he became to be regarded as an experienced and trustworthy hero. As a guest character he is most commonly seen with either Hawkman, Swamp Thing or the Justice League of America. Some time later in an attempt to make him appear more mature, his daughter Aleea was introduced to continuity.

Major Story Arcs

Adam Strange’s early stories were mostly one shots, in that there was little continuity from one story to the next as each story was self contained in an issue. These stories typically started with Adam Strange on Earth from where he would be transported to Rann by the Zeta Beam and where he would usually be met by Alanna who informed him of some planetary threat. At the end of such an issue he would routinely be returned to Earth (although the Zeta beam would later be modified so that Adam could stay on Rann.)
Following the cancellation of Mystery in Space, Adam began to show up periodically in various publications, most notably Hawkman and the Justice League of America, with whom he was made an honorary member.
The next major appearances of Adam Strange were in the pages of the Swamp Thing after the writer ( Alan Moore) decided to set the title character’s stories in space. The character in this case was given some more depth as questions pertaining to him were answered (involving such topics as his relationship with Alanna, Rannian technology, and Rannian society.) After a nuclear war Swamp Thing helped the planet to be remade (by terraforming it) but the inhabitants, including Adam Strange were left to decide how to proceed with their future. Building on this appearance Adam Strange would soon after appear in his own miniseries.
His next appearance was in the pages of Mark Waid’s JLA though this is generally regarded as not a part of continuity, as the depiction here ignored some vital parts of the character’s history. Another short lived series appeared in 2004.
In terms of his relevance to modern DC continuity his most important contributions were to the Rann-Thanagarian War. Adam Strange is one the planet’s leaders against the Thanagarians although it is later revealed that both planets have been set up to battle another. Adam would later join R.E.B.E.L.S. a loose group of freedom fighters led by Vril Dox.

DC New 52

When the DC Relaunch of most of DC Comics' stories happened in September of 2011, Adam Strange is yet to re-appear. Adam Strange was mentioned that he will be a Canadian superhero with other superhero's such as Booster Gold. In 2013 some of the members will be from Canada in the New Justice League of America series as part of the DC New 52 Series.

Powers and Abilities

Wears a suit with built in jet pack and protected for survival in space. Carries an energy gun in a holster. Also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, a skilled scientist and a battle tested leader. After being blinded during the events of Infinite Crisis and during most of 52 he has his eyesight returned to him after Sardath cloned eyes from his daughter. These new eyes were enhanced to see across the electromagnetic spectrum.


Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Other Media


Young Justice
Adam Strange makes his first appearance in the season premier of Young Justice: Invasion, titled "Happy New Years." Adam is a scientist that works for S.T.A.R. Labs, and is responsible for the maintaining of the Justice League and Young Justice's zeta beam teleportation technology. Through Martian Manhunter's mind linking ability, he told the team the story of how he went to the planet Rann. While he was working on a zeta tube, he found himself halfway across the galaxy on the planet Rann, where he met the alien scientist Sardath.While there for weeks, he learned of Sardath's enhanced zeta beam technology, and figured out that some of the tech was stolen. It was revealed that when Sardath was attempting to trace where his tech went, he accidentally teleported Adam to his world. Before leaving Rann, Adam was given a piece of technology capable of showing the locations of where the Kroloteans teleported themselves to earth. Strange also revealed that the unaccounted members from five years ago ( Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, and Hawkwoman) are wanted criminals in Rann's area of the galaxy, also that humans aren't welcome. So as not to cause trouble, a team consisting of Strange, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Beast Boy are sent to investigate Rann to figure out what happened during the unaccounted sixteen hours.
In 2006 a pcak in Heroclixs called. Collader Damage had Adam Strange in the series. He has no card in the series pack because the cards in the new pack started in 2007 in October set called Justice League.






Cloak is the Yin to his partner Dagger's Yang. A superhero of the streets, he wages a war against drugs and drug related crimes.








Tyrone Johnson grew up poor in the slums of South Boston. He was a stutterer, and at age 17 this affliction became more than an embarrassment when he couldn't speak up to save his best friend's life from a policeman's bullet.
Cloak & Dagger
Overwhelmed with grief and guilt, Tyrone ran away from home. He ended up in New York City, haunting the Manhattan Port Authority Bus Terminal, desperate for food and searching for someone to rob. Instead, he found Tandy Bowen, another runaway, and ironically, prevented her from being robbed. Their strong friendship started here, with each trying to help the other.
The pair were homeless, and despite Tyrone's reservations, they were lured to the laboratory of Simon Marshall. He was a chemist working for the Maggia, attempting to develop an addictive drug the crime family could sell. Marshall used teenage runaways to test his new drug – with lethal consequences. There were no survivors of his experiments until Tyrone and Tandy. They were transformed into super-powered beings and escaped. Tyrone had become a being of darkness and shadow, with a hunger for the light of life forces that Tandy's glowing powers could ease. He hid his strange appearance with a cloak, and adopted the name of the garment. Eventually, the pair would use their new abilities to destroy their captors and save other children from crime, drugs, and abuse.
At one time, it was believed the designer drug had made their latent mutant genes manifest. Later it was revealed that D'Spayre's machinations were responsible for Tyrone and Tandy gaining their powers.


Cloak first appeared alongside Dagger in Spectacular Spider-man #64 in March 1982 and was created by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan.


See: Cloak and Dagger

Dark Reign

Cloak and Dagger, after another drug-elimination sortie, were approached by Norman Osborn, who offered them a deal to have their criminal record cleared if they would join his special mutant peacekeeping force.
The two accepted, and became part of Osborn's personal team of X-Men. The normally reclusive Cloak thus became part of a greater team assigned to keep the peace in San Francisco after a series of pro and anti-mutant riots. Donning a new costume, and now keeping his face un-hooded, Cloak realized that he and Dagger could no longer hold themselves apart from the world at large. When Dagger expressed the idea of running again, Cloak stopped her, saying that if they ran away again they would be on the run forever.
They kept true to their heroic ideals even when mixed with the more distasteful members of their team. Thus, when Emma and Namor betrayed Osborn as part of Scott Summers' ploy, both Cloak and Dagger were invited to join the true X-Men in their exodus from San Francisco.
Tandy and Ty accepted, and the two runaways became part of a different team, and among their own kind.
After tests were taken, it was relieved that neither Tandy nor Ty were mutants, and that the drug gave both superheros their powers.

Fear Itself: The Deep

Attuma has become one of the Worthy and is transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans after he comes into possession of one of the mystic hammers. Nerkkod would bolster his army and prepare to conquer the oceans but is confronted by Namor and company. Dr. Strange would conjure up a spell and call upon the Defenders from the past and present including Cloak for reinforcements. Nerkkod is forced to retreat and his army is defeated.

Sabertooth Reborn

Sometime ago, Wolverine had Cloak trap Romulus in Cloak's dark dimension. Now, a recently resurrected Sabertooth has kidnapped Dagger and forced Cloak to release Romulus. Cloak complied but instead of freeing Dagger, Sabertooth tied him to the top of the Empire State Building. This is where Wolverine finds him, but when he unties the weakened Cloak the pair fall to earth. Cloak is able to port them to safety
Later Cloak goes with Wolverine to the place he hid Sabertooth's corpse, and although Cloak claimed it was Sabertooth that had attacked him, Sabertooth's dead body is right where Wolverine had left it. The pair are standing there looking into the grave when Cloak hears Dagger's scream.
Wolverine and Cloak track the scream to a cabin and find Romulus holding a weakened Dagger. Wolverine attacks Romulus and Cloak grabs Dagger. Against her wishes he teleports the pair to safety leaving Wolverine behind.
Sometime later, Wolverine needs Cloak's teleporting powers to sneak himself and Remus into Romulus's Italian stronghold. Cloak will not leave Dagger's side so he brings her along too. Once inside Wolverine breaks from the group, but when he is overpowered by a stronger fiercer Romulus and a smarter Sabertooth, Cloak, Dagger and Remus, come to his aid.
Cloak is able to fight Sabertooth to a stand still but when Sabertooth pulls out "Plan B', a large bomb, Cloak teleports Dagger, and Remus to safety.
Cloak is later seen with Wolverine, Remus, and Dagger on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific. Wolverine comments on how Cloak is dealing with a SPF 45 world and Ty comments on how him and Tandy are going to head to New York City.


Cloak's powers derive from his ability to manipulate Darkforce energy and access the dimension from which it originates. He might actually be made of this negative energy. Darkforce energy is perceived by humans as dark matter, either in gas, liquid, or solid form. It is cold, draining, and prolonged exposure can cause insanity, turn one evil, and even kill. Cloak can do the following:
  • Create a localized field of impenetrable darkness.
  • Create mobile, solid tendrils of darkness.
  • Hide in shadows.
  • Become intangible, perhaps by changing the solid state of his body into a gas state, perhaps by only partially moving into the Darkforce dimension.
  • Pull people into the Darkforce dimension by opening a portal within his 'cloak.'
  • Teleport himself and others by opening a portal into, then out of, the Darkforce dimension, i.e. taking an inter-dimensional shortcut.
Cloak's powers can be fairly extensive. He managed to temporarily trap Thanos in his cloak. Once, when Mr. Jip magically increased his hunger, Cloak's darkness spilled out of him to cover several square blocks of Manhattan.


Cloak feels a constant hunger which must be fed by a semi-mystical light energy, which is akin to the light of a soul. Dagger is one of the only possible sources of this energy and she regularly "feeds" him with her light bolts. Other sources of light don't work; for instance Dazzler tried to feed him once, using many kinds of light, but it didn't help him.
If Cloak is exposed to too much pure light energy, he will revert back into his human form. While in human form he has no access to his powers.


Known Relatives: Mr & Mrs Johnson (parents), Anna Johnson (twin sister), Otis Johnson (brother) & Smokin' Joe (uncle)
Citizenship: Citizen of the United States; with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: South Boston, Massachusetts
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vigilante & Adventurer (Formerly: runaway)
Education: High School Dropout
Gender: Male
Height: Variable, normally 5'9"
Weight: Variable, normally 155 lbs (70 kg)
Eyes: Brown. White when in Cloak persona
Hair: Black. No hair when in Cloak persona.
Unique Characteristic: While in Cloak persona, all that is seen is his face.

Alternate Realities

Age of Apocalypse
The Age of Apocalypse versions of Cloak and Dagger were members of Sinister's Six. They were mentally manipulated into working with Sinister on his team. Once under his control he would use them to attack the X-Men. Cloak would be one of the few survivors of the battle. His mental control would be psionically broken by the telepathic ninja, Psylocke.
House of M
In the House of M reality, Cloak is a member of Luke Cage's Underground resistance.
In this reality, Cloak was quickly killed during Maestro's initial attack. His cloak is saved as a remembrance by his one time partner, Dagger.
Ultimate Universe
In the Ultimate Universe; Cloak has only made one, very brief, appearance. He is clearly a female in this universe.
Spider-Ham Universe
In this reality, Cloak is called Croak and has the appearance of a frog.


Cloak was created by Bill Mantlo and Ed Hannigan.

Video Games

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

Voiced by Ahmed Best, he appears as a NPC boss exclusively for the PS2, PSP and Wii versions.






The second son of Darkseid and scion of Highfather, Orion is New Genesis' greatest defender and the fiercest warrior of the Fourth World. Known as 'The Dog of War', Orion constantly struggles to maintain the balance between his peaceful upbringing and brutal nature.








Current Events

Orion appears at the end of Wonder Woman #12 in the ongoing New 52 event. Orion and the New Gods of New Genesis have not yet appeared in this reinvented universe, although Darkseid and his fellow residents of Apokolips already have.

Orion has been dispatched by Highfather to Earth to find a neutralize the threat that would erase all of existence if let be.

 Highfather notes that Orion has a certain preference for Earth, indicating he spends time there.

 A remark that's confirmed later when Orion meets up with one of Zeus' offspring; Milan, who greets him like a friend.

 Orion's short temper is quickly put on display when Lennox and Wonder Woman seek out Milan for the same reason Orion did and a fight nearly erupts before Milan intervenes.

The Astro-Harness is later shown to be able to open boomtubes into the vicinity of anyone if it has something to follow, in this case a hair from Hera's head. 

Orion however also displays a more unappealing personality feature when he encourages Diana to go with War by slapping her rear and apparently caring nothing for Diana's reaction.

He has also appeared in conflict with Superman, the Man of Steel for similar reasons.


Orion on his Astro Harness
By the late 60's Jack Kirby, long-time top artist for Marvel Comics, grew dissatisfied with his treatment at Marvel so he left to work for rival publisher DC Comics. Immediately upon arriving at DC, he began creating a slew of titles under the editing skills of Carmine Infantino

This became know as Kirby's Fourth World saga, running through the pages of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, New Gods, Mister Miracle and The Forever People. Each of these titles was based in the Fourth World and featured the adventures of a race of super powered Gods. Orion, the second son of Apokolips' ruler and darkest god of all, Darkseid, was featured in the first issue of New Gods and was the series main protagonist.


On the far side of known existence there is a place known as the "Fourth World." It is there that two opposing planets exist; New Genesis, a place of beauty, splendor, light and happiness, and Apokolips, a place of hardship, squalor, filth and disease. It was in the dreary darkness of Apokolips that Orion was born the son of Tigra and Darkseid.

 After warring for countless ages the leaders of Apokolips and New Genesis finally managed to find a way broker peace, or at least delay the inevitable, when each side agreed to have the rulers of both planets give the other his son to raise, thus forming a peace treaty known as 'The Pact'.

 To this end, Darkseid received Highfather Izaya's son, Scott Free (aka Mr. Miracle), while Highfather accepted and raised Orion.

This was a questionable choice for Darkseid because of a prophecy regarding Orion's future. 

It was foretold that Father and Son would meet for a final battle to decide the fate of Apokolips, and that Orion would defeat his father amid the fire-pits of Apokolips deciding the fate of the War between the twin worlds. 

An event Darkseid was sure would never pass, yet that he unwittingly set into motion.
Orion -Son of Darkseid
On New Genesis, Orion's savage nature quickly made him stand out amidst the peaceful natives.

 The dark fury that boiled within him could barely be contained, and so Orion was given a Mother Box, a sentient computer, to calm his temper. Orion's Mother Box spends much of her time trying to calm the raging soul within Orion. 

Orion was also taught by the Highfather to respect the Source, a training that has given Orion something to meditate on to placate his anger. 

He has also made many friends on New Genesis, including Scott Free and Big Barda (both of whom have escaped from a life of cruelty on Apokolips). 

Most importantly, Orion was befriended by Lightray, the cheery, friendly "beam of light" of New Genesis. Despite the superficial and even temperamental differences, the two are best of friends. It is the teachings and friendships that has steeled Orion's conviction when he goes to defend New Genesis.

Character Evolution

Orion possesses strength, stamina and durability on the same level as Superman or Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, due to the evil of his father, Darkseid, Orion has an insatiable inner demon that fills Orion and enormous inborn fury which he constantly wrestles with. His physical power combined with this relentless fury has made him the fiercest warrior among all the New Gods. His ferocity in combat, which is legendary, is what has earned him the title "Dog of War".

Though always portrayed as a warrior, Orion has been softened by writers since his debut under the sometimes sledgehammer pen of Kirby. In the original New Gods series, Orion was portrayed in a way that was hard to like. His manner sat somewhere between arrogance and pretentious and it was down to support characters like Orions' long term best friend, Lightray to lighten proceedings somewhat. It was, perhaps this heavy handedness that lead to the original series cancellation, with DC not utilizing the characters again for another five years.
Orion's late 70's look
When Orion and the New Gods did reappear in Return Of The New Gods, Orion was changed considerably to fit more easily into the superhero mold. Gone were the helmet and the Astro-Harness and brought in were the spandex and the obligatory face mask. 

Although it featured the talents of creators like Denny O'Neil, Gerry Conway, Bob Mcleod and Don Newton, this new take on a classic idea did not take with the public's imagination and the series was cancelled the following year. 

Although appearing in a few issues of Justice League, this version of Orion was never seen again and the character himself would not again appear until Jack Kirby was given the chance to return to the characters he had created.

In 1984, Kirby was given the chance to finish the story he had begun 12 years previous when DC reprinted his New Gods series and allowed him to add an extra chapter on the end, which concluded with the apparent death of Orion himself.

 This lead to the Hunger Dogs graphic novel, one of the first of its kind and an epic and conclusive finish to Kirbys' epic story.

Orion would not appear again until following the DC retcon tale, Crisis On Infinite Earths and spent some time as a member of The Justice League, once under the Keith Giffen/J.M Dematteis creative run and once under Grant Morrisons talents. In 2000, Orion finally received his own title, written and drawn by Walt Simonson which ran for 25 issues.

Major Story Arcs

The Pact

"There came a time when the old gods died! The brave died with the cunning! The noble perished, locked in battle with unleashed evil! It was the last day for them! An ancient era was passing in fiery holocaust!"

And so began the epic tale of The New Gods. When Izaya, The Inheritors wife, Avia was murdered by the unruly henchmen of Darkseid, war erupted between the pure and good planet of New Genesis and its dark sibling, Apokolips

 Consumed with revenge, Izaya pursued his war against Apokolips with the fervour of a madman, before realizing that the cost of war is too high. Horrified at what he has done, Izaya exiles himself and whilst in exile, forgoes the ways of war and discovers the omnipotent and mysterious power known only as, The Source

When he returns to his people, Izaya wears the clothes of peace and, befitting his new awareness, assumes the name of Highfather.
In order to broker peace, or at least delay the inevitable, each planet's ruler gave the other his son to raise forming a peace treaty known as 'The Pact'. So, Darkseid received Highfather Izaya's son, Scott Free (aka Mr. Miracle), while Highfather raised Orion.This was a questionable choice for Darkseid because of a prophecy regarding Orion's future.

 It was foretold that Father and Son would meet for a final battle to decide the fate of Apokolips, and that Orion would defeat his father amid the fire-pits of Apokolips deciding the fate of the War between the twin worlds.

 An event Darkseid was sure would never pass, yet that he unwittingly set into motion.

On New Genesis, Orion's savage nature quickly made him stand out amidst the peaceful natives. 

The dark fury that boiled within him could barely be contained, and so Orion was given a Mother Box, a sentient computer, to calm his temper. Orion's Mother Box spends much of her time trying to calm the raging soul within Orion. Orion was also taught by the Highfather to respect the Source, a training that has given Orion something to meditate on to placate his anger. He has also made many friends on New Genesis, including Scott Free and Big Barda (both of whom have escaped from a life of cruelty on Apokolips). 

Most importantly, Orion was befriended by Lightray, the cheery, friendly "beam of light" of New Genesis. Despite the superficial and even temperamental differences, the two are best of friends. It is the teachings and friendships that has steeled Orion's conviction when he goes to defend New Genesis.


Orion vs Superman
During his travels Orion has proven himself a hero many times. His first encounter with Earth's heroes was through Superman. He was sent by Highfather to retrieve him for an audience. Having limited knowledge of the New Gods, Superman mistook him for a servant of Darkseid, and in typical fashion Orion attacked him. After a short battle he was able to subdue the young Kryptonian easily using his physical prowess and the Astro-Harness. 

Upon their arrival on New Genesis Orion awakened Superman, who was able to surprise him and overcome him.

 Orion then spent the rest of the day chasing him. 

He pursued Kal into the stratosphere where he used a burst of Heat Vision to blast him into the floating defenses of Supertown. 

Eventually with the help of Metron they were able to subdue him, and Orion brought him in chains to Highfather, who then admonished him reminding him that they were seeking the Kryptonian's assistance. 

The majority of their encounters would go this route. Orion and Ligthray later came to Earth to help in the battle against Darkseid, who was searching for the Anti-Life Equation. Both Orion and Lightray served with the Justice League Of America for a time. Orion frequently battles against his father, using his rage to defend the universe from Darkseid's tyranny.

Gates of Apokolips

Tigra's Revelation to Orion
The story begins with Orion on his way to the Source Wall to seek the guidance of Highfather. Orion was told by his mother, Tigra, that he was not in fact that son of Darkseid, but one of his captains. Tigra also tells Orion that had she not told Darkseid that she was carrying his son, then Darkseid would have undoubtedly killed Tigra for committing adultery. She then instructs her son to seek Darkseid and kill him for the torment she suffered at his hands. This causes Orion to doubt himself. It was prophecised that he was the son of Darkseid and was the one to best him in battle to the death, but if what Tigra said was true, was Orion really the God he thought he was supposed to be all this time? Was he truly New Genesis' greatest defender against the person he considered his physical equal?
Orion and Kalibak
Seeking answers, Orion then leaves for Apokolips in the hope of finding Darkseid, or at least someone that knew where he was, in order to confront him about his parentage. After battling past the forces of Justeen, and later Kalibak, Orion's Mother Box locates Orion back on Earth continuing his search for the Anti-Life Equation.
After returning to Earth, Orion learns that the town of Maine Line, Nebraska, currently involved in a standoff between insurgents and police forces, is shielding Orion's Mother Box via an Apokoliptan jammer - meaning that Darkseid is there. Upon his arrival in Maine Line, Orion is attacked by the insurgent group, whom are quickly subdued by the Dog of War. A quick scan of the bodies by the Mother Box showed no signs of a subconscious, meaning only one thing. Darkseid was able to get his hands on the anti-life equation.
As Orion began closing in on Darkseid's location, the collection of people, possessed by the Darkseid-wielding-anti-life equation, was able to incapacitate Orion by paralyzing him as a collective entity of the anti-life equation.
Tigra's Death
The fallen Orion is then met by his mother, Tigra, who has escaped to Earth via Boom tube to flee from the suicide jockeys sent after her by Justeen. Tigra collapses in front of the paralyzed Orion, and looks set to be kiled by a suicide jockey until Orion is able to break free from the paralysis after the collective concentration of the villagers was disturbed by the commotion surrounding the Boom Tube. Tigra later dies in the arms of Orion, who then swears vengeance on Darkseid. Orion then battles past the infected insurgents and goes looking for the Apokoliptan overlord.
Deep in Darkseid's Nebraskan lair, Orion uncovers horrific Darkseid's anti-life machine (resembling a clone of Billion Dollar Bates, a tycoon that unknowingly had possessed the anti-life equation in his mind) and destroys it. Here, Darkseid calls out to Orion that he will face his son in battle on Apokolips, "without weapons. Without allies. Just you and I...warrior against warrior." Orion is later met by Lightray who informs Orion of a message from the source: "In Peace to Bear Witness, All to Apokolips in the Firepits a Great Warrior Will Fall." Lightray then gives Orion an invention of his, a special armor to aid him in his battle against Darkseid. Swiftly, Orion then travels to Apokolips to face his alleged father in a battle to the death, as told by the Source.
Father and Son battling it out
Before Orion and Darkseid fought, Orion, as part of the agreement, cast aside his Mother Box - signifying the events that were to befall onto him. In the ensuing battle of warriors, with mighty blows, heavy kicks, and disregard for life, the two titans battle in an explosive encounter, with victory going in the way of the Dog of War. Before the final blow was struck, Darkseid intended to break his promise and use his Omega beams on Orion. However, knowing that he could never trust his 'father' to keep his word, Orion activated a shield of the Astro Force which deflected the Omega beams back onto Darkseid and (seemingly) kill him. Orion then takes Darkseid's place as ruler of Apokolips, vowing to bring light to the devastated planet.

Ruler of Apokolips

Orion takes on the role of ruler of Apokolips without the guidance of his Mother Box (previously cast aside by Orion, and now seemingly damaged by Orion tossing it aside). During Orion's quest to enlighten Apokolips, he meets one of Darkseid's personal servants, Mortalla, who, amongst other things, aids Orion in his encounter with against a strength-enhanced Kalibak not too long after his ordeal against Darkseid (which Orion is able to later neutralize by outsmarting both Kalibak and Desaad).
As Orion continues on his path of freeing Apokolips he stumbles upon one of Desaad's most heinous creations, hundreds of clones of Bates kept captive in an attempt to decipher the anti-life equation. Not willing to see his hard work undone, Desaad puts a plan into action to use the clones to kill Orion. It is during this time that Orion begins to notice the power of the Astro Force slipping away from him, but still manages to destroy the clones in order to set them free.
Further tensions arise when it is found out that Desaad had supplied Mantis' assault on New Genesis resulting in him releasing hellbores onto the planet which later defaced the surface of New Genesis with an Apokoliptan fire pit. Orion thus makes a vow to bring peace to Apokolips even if that means killing Desaad (it is also this time that Orion had replaced his Mother Box with a Father Box, sending his Mother Box back to New Genesis).
Orion in the Dreggs with Sirius
Tracking down Desaad, Orion learns from one of Desaad's loyal servants that Desaad is hiding out in 'The Caverns of the Dreggs'. This had in fact been a trap by Desaad as the Dreggs was a shape-shifting labyrinth guarded by Sirius, a demon dog. This labyrinth contained only one Boom Tube as a means of escape, but those seeking to escape would be hunted down by Sirius. As Orion defeats the dog, Sirius reveals that he has been kept captive in the Dreggs for centuries, yearning for death to liberate him. Anticipating that Orion would emerge victorious against the beast, Desaad unleashes an effluvia called Sinergy to kill Orion. Thankful for Orion's intention to liberate him, Sirius rescues Orion by leading him to the Boom Tube before Sinergy is able to apprehend Orion, however, Sirius is later killed by the effluvia as Orion escapes - further enraging Orion.
Orion is granted the Anti-Life Equation
Desaad escapes to Earth with the intent of luring Orion there to unleash the full power of the anti-life equation on the Dog of War from Darkseid's Nebraskan lair, using the many clones of Bates. However, Orion was able to overcome Desaad's treachery and promptly kills him by snapping his neck. However, Orion is later granted the full power of the Anti-Life Equation from the clones of Bates which had been severely tampered with by Desaad's machinery - a token of gratitude for Orion liberating their souls.

Orion Wields the Anti-Life Equation

Using the Equation he went on to attempt to create Inter-Galactic peace. He began his efforts on Apokolips by liberating the orphanage of Granny Goodness and making the aggressors yield to his command (going so far as to order them to jump to their deaths). Realizing the power of the anti-life equation, Orion returns to Earth, a planet he had grown fond of, and the planet where fragments of the equation were present. Orion thus deduces that in the wrong hands, the anti-life equation could prove to be the undoing of mankind. Orion thus uses the anti-life equation onto Earth in order to turn it into a Utopian paradise without conflict or struggle.
It is also revealed at this time that Darkseid is still alive. hiding out in the gardens located at the core of Apokolips. Anticipating that Orion would use the Astro force against him in their battle, Orion sent out a teleportation beam instead of the Omega beam to seek refuge. It was his plan to have Orion become ruler of Apokolips, and slip into the role of a tyrant much like Darkseid, in the hopes of ruling the universe as father and son - thus making the capture of the anti-life equation redundant. However, Orion later gaining the control of the anti-life equation was unanticipated, and so summons Metron to aid him dispose of Orion. The reason being that with all beings acting in unity, there would be no pursuit of knowledge for Metron. Metron agrees and they begin work on a non-living replica of the Black Racer (one that would not be subjected to the power of the equation).
Attacked by New Genesis
Meanwhile, back on Earth, the forces of New Genesis arrive in order to battle Orion. Justeen, under the identity Meteora, had taken advantage of the commotion on New Genesis caused by Mantis' planting of a fire pit. Several inhabitants had feared that Orion was responsible for the attack. Justeen thus attaches a neurolyzer onto Lightray (effectively making him her puppet) in order to rally troops against Orion. At the same time however, Mortalla, who was left in charge of Apokolips by Orion during his absence, also rallies troops to Earth in order to aid Orion from the attack of New Genesis. Mortalla's plan, however, fails as the power of the anti-life equation overcame the neurolyzer and compelled Lightray to tell him what was really going on.
At this moment however, a giant of the Promethen Galaxy, Gedirath, summoned by Darkseid, arrives to destroy the Earth. Orion then uses the anti-life equation to the forces of Apokolips and New Genesis to go back home, whilst also compelling Lightray, Mortalla and Justeen to aid him in his battle against the giant. It is also during this time that Orion begins to realize the limitations of the equation, as those under his command, with no free will, are not able to act unless Orion willed it. Orion later compels the giant to leave - giving him a growing appreciation of the magnitude of these new powers he has. This leads to the realization that Darkseid is alive, and Orion vows to destroy him using the anti-life equation.
Death Sentence
Orion then travels back to Apokolips and later compels Lightray to locate Darkseid. Darkseid and Metron are later discovered by Lightray and are seen repairing their simulacrum of the Black Racer. However, before they are able to complete their job, they are summoned by Orion using the anti-life equation. Orion then sentences his father to death by suicide for all the crimes he has committed. But before Darkseid is able to carry out Orion's will, the Black Racer (seemingly) appears (it is not actually the Black Racer, but merely an individual disguised as the bringer of the death). The Black Racer then tells Orion that he is disrupting the cosmic balance between life and death and accuses him of acting like a tyrant on Apokolips via his used of the equation to bend everyone to his will. Further taunting Orion, he leads Orion through a Doom Tube (which is like a Boom Tube, except once you enter it, there is no way out). It is later revealed that this was Darkseid's plan, to lure Orion through a Doom Tube using the Black Racer, however, both Darkseid and Metron believed that the simulacrum had been damaged beyond repair.

The Abysmal Plane

On the Abysmal Plane (a land where all is deserted, but a single giant, but dying tree), Orion regains consciousness and then comes to terms with what he did. The fact that he allowed himself to use the anti-life equation to bend people to his will, even if for the noblest of causes, was wrong – a sin that Orion would never be able to forgive himself for, and would continue to haunt him.
Orion meets Clockwerx
Seeking answers as to his whereabouts, Orion heads for the trees before he is briefly attacked by revenants of the dead of unknown source or motivation, including one taking the form of his mother, Tigra. When arriving at the tree, Orion notices not only a large throne carved into the trunk, but an entrance leading into the tree where he encounters Clockwerx, “overseer of the dreamtime, lamp-lighter of the stars, and guardian of the cosmic axis” and had been tied up within the tree by an evil entity known as the Ecruos.
As it turns out, Clockwerx had been exiled to the Abysmal Plane as punishment for murdering his brother. Whilst there, he began nurturing the tree that was central to all reality, and overseeing the rising of the Sun across the universe. The Ecruos had then taken Clockwerx captive, and bonded themselves to the roots of the great tree, eating it away slowly with the hope of destroying all worlds in the hope of gaining all the knowledge from the tree.
Orion then takes it upon himself to destroy the Ecruos and save reality. It is during this time that Orion faces the irony of his predicament: having been responsible for using the anti-life equation to bend people to his will, he is now facing an enemy seeking the destruction of all worlds. In the ensuing battle with the revenants, in the face of certain defeat, Orion accepts his fate of eternal damnation in the Abysmal Plane, before he comes to the realization that the anti-life equation is the weapon he must use to defeat the Ecruos. Orion calls out the evil entity threatening to use the equation on the universe and submit it to a universe of unbreakable singularity.
Orion Surrenders the A.L.E.
The Ecruos then pulls back their avatars, and faces Orion – who urges to tree to engulf him. Within the entity, Orion then surrenders the anti-life equation to the Ecruos – whose power of absolute order destroys the chaotic nature that the evil entity was due to the sheer contrasting power of the equation. The Ecruos is destroyed, the tree grows strong and Clockwerx is released from his bounds. As gratitude for not only saving him, but reality as well, Clockwerx heals Orion (who is in a coma) of his physical wounds and teleports Orion to Apokolips, as the passing of a great warrior such as Orion deserves to be mourned, which would not be possible on the Abysmal Plane.
On Apokolips, Orion is teleported to Armagetto in the slums of Apokolips, guarded by the imprisoned member of the Green Lantern Corps, known only as the Green Flame. Finding Orion in his comatose state, the Green Flame is able to learn what has become of Orion since his disappearance into the Doom Tube by using a portion of what little energy he had left in his ring on Orion’s Father Box. After learning this, the Green Flame discards the Father Box (which was originally a tool by Darkseid and Mortalla to subtly influence Orion into becoming more like his biological father). Using the last blast of his power ring, the Green Flame is able to transport Orion back to Earth in order to save him from the wrath of Darkseid if he was to discover that his Son had survived and escaped the fate of the Doom Tube (a piece of information that eventually and quickly deduced by Darkseid himself).
Orion vs. Slig (Last Laugh Tie-In)
On Earth, Orion is still comatose, but finds himself later in the care of homeless ex-G.I, known as Swifty in Metropolis, that recognized Orion from his time on the Justice League. Orion awakes from his coma two days later when Swifty is assaulted by gangsters extorting rent money from Swifty, and quickly beats off the assailants and thanks Swift for his kindness. During his time in Swifty’s care, Orion hears of the commotion as a result of Slig’s assault on the Pacific Ocean (who has taken on the appearance of the Joker).
Even with the force of the Ocean and the sea monsters that he created, Slig is no match for Orion’s brutality, and yields to the Dog of War and his demands to reverse the havoc he created in the Panama Canal as well as with the sea creatures, before throwing him through a Boom Tube back to Apokolips.


After the battle, Orion once again finds himself tortured over his actions when in possession of the anti-life equation, still thinking of the punishment best suited for his crimes – even going so far as to swear off any association with Apokolips and New Genesis. Orion had in the meantime gained much media coverage on Earth due to his encounter with Slig, which attracts the attention of Arnicus Wolfram, who proceeds to capture Orion and tear out his eyes with the help of various Apokoliptan technologies.
Orion is subsequently held prisoner by Wolfram, where he is having his energy drained in order to prolong the life of his captor. Whilst enslaved, Orion still suffers from his ordeal with the anti-life equation, feeling that perhaps now his punishment has finally come. Whilst dwelling in his own self-pity, Orion soon realizes that though he may be held captive, whatever is going on has to be no good for someone that has gone through great lengths to acquire the weapons to capture Orion. Angered at his blinded remorse, Orion attempts to break free, but is eventually restrained by his captors again.
Rescued by Lightray
Meanwhile, Lightray had also uncovered evidence of Orion’s escape from the Boom Tube, finding the shattered remains of his wristbands at the bottom of the Panama Canal from his tussle with Wolfram’s men. The cry from Orion during his attempted escape had found its way to Lightray who then frees Orion from his captors, where Lightray sees the now blinded Orion, and brings him the shattered remains of his wristbands. Orion is able to repair them but is also able to reconstruct his astro-harness. It is explained by Orion that he was able to do this as he was finally forgiven by the Astro-Force, as well as The Source for his act of treachery.
Orion realizes that the Astro Force had left him when he betrayed the Source. He was the one in between the ferocity of Apokolips and the compassion of New Genesis, which is why he was granted the power of the Astro-Force in the first place. By using the equation, he denounced his allegiance to the Source, which had started when he discarded his Mother Box during his battle with Darkseid. His absolution was completed when he surrendered the equation to the Ecruos in order to save reality. Orion, now reunited with his Mother Box and the Astro-Force then sets out to face his captor and put an end to whatever evil Wolfram is up to.

Orion: Hunter

Orion is able to go unnoticed as any threat on Earth under the guise of Hunter, an Earthling by posing as a blind man. Though without the sense of sight, Orion’s other senses are enhanced to adequately compensate for it. The Dog of War is able to locate thugs using Apkoliptan technology, and scare them off (not before they mention their boss’ name, Jingles) in the hopes that they would return to look for him. When they do, Orion encounters only a small-time leader that doesn’t know where Jingles is. Attempting a new strategy, Orion intercepts one of the payments made for the weaponry in the hope of being captured and tortured for answers. This new strategy proves to be successful where he is leaded to an abandoned warehouse when one of his captors receives a call from Jingles – to which Mother Box is able to intercept.
A Blind Orion Catching a Bullet
With the help of a homeless girl, Melissa, who is caught up in Jingle’s criminal organization, and Orion devise a plan to gather the existing Apokoliptan firetalons whereby Jingles, fearing the threat of the Dog of War, arms his hideout with the weapons intending to kill the Dog of War and stop him from interfering with his arms deal. Using his God-like powers, Orion, rather easily, subdues his aggressors and is able to extract Wolfram’s, Jingle’s supplier, by making him realize that Wolfram had intended to kill Jingles once he outlived his usefulness – evidenced by an exploding cellphone and Wolfram fleeing from his building via helicopter. In the heat of anger, Jingles attempts to shoot Orion in the back, blaming him for messing up his operation. Orion, still blind, is able to catch the bullet, and throw it back into Jingles’ gun, resulting in the weapon blowing up in his hand.
Amongst the weaponry sold to Wolfram (thanks to Justeen) was a temporal bender - a device with the ability to allow the user to travel across time. Unable to catch Wolfram on his own, Orion seeks out to help of Metron in order to track down the energy signature left by Wolfram and the temporal bender to trace where exactly he is located. As it turns out, Wolfram escaped to the Central Pacific Ocean, October 31st, 1952 - the day that the United States carried out the first test of a thermonuclear bomb on the Marshall Islands.
Blind no-more
Wolfram had anticipated that Orion would catch up to him and so devised a scheme to kill the Dog of War: firstly, he himself would detonate the island with Radion bombs - a substance harmful to New Gods, and whilst he was weak, be bombed by the thermonuclear weapons due to hit the island. However, Orion was able to deduce Wolfram's plan, and so using the Mobius Chair, went back in time to before his confrontation with Jingles and dismantled the Apokoliptan weapons, including the radion bombs that Wolfram had intended to use on Orion, as well as the protective suit being worn by Wolfram. Disabled, Orion now goes up to Wolfram and reclaims what he has been missing, a pair of eyes - straight from Wolfram's eye-sockets, before declaring "The hunt is over." Orion removes the temporal bender from Wolfram's rapidly ageing body, and leaves his one-time captor to die on the island at the hands of the bomb. Back on Earth, Orion visits a present-day news-stand where he miraculously purchases a newspaper from November 1st 1952, featuring a report of the bombing.

Children of the Pact

In Walter Simonson's final issue of his 25-issue run on Orion, the Dog of War finds himself in Metropolis, contemplating over recent events, and now wondering what purpose there is left for him. After defeating possibly the biggest threat in the universe, the Ecruos, and surviving, Orion now wonders what there is left for him, a warrior, to accomplish. It is during this time that Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) locates Orion in the park. To Orion's surprise, he is able to see the halo of the anti-life equation over Scott Free, and in a rage against what he went through with the equation, attacks Scott, to no avail. Scott later reveals that it was him that was dressed up as the Black Racer that lured Orion through the Doom Tube - an attempt by Scott to stop Orion from eternal damnation for using the equation.
Scott and Orion: Children of the Pact
Scott had sought after Orion to offer hope to Orion's damaged soul, as well as to know how Orion was able to get rid of it. Orion recounts his encounter on the Abysmal Plane to Scott, as Scott invites his step-brother to his home where dinner with Big Barda awaits. In private, Scott reveals to Orion that he had once used the equation as a young boy. Whilst exploring Apokolips, Scott would at times visit the slums of Armagetto in secret, however, during one encounter, guards of Darkseid had stormed the city and began killing several of the citizens. Unknowingly, Scott ordered everyone to stop using the anti-life equation, resulting in the deaths hundreds, if not thousands of people all present on that day. Over the years, Scott learned to surpress it in his mind and never use it again. Each year, Scott travelled back to Armagetto to lay flowers as tribute to all those that lost their lives.
Later, Scott and Orion are attacked by Apokoliptan Demonoids (sent by Metron who seeks the answer as to who it was dressed up as the Black Racer after his plan to lure Orion into the Doom Tube had seemingly failed, and whoever was able to resist Orion wielding the anti-life equation. Metron had discovered the remnants of the Black Racer's costume and had been seeking his answers all-the-while). During the attack, Scott is cut by a poisoned blade resulting in a fever - which just happened to be the anniversary of the last time he used the equation. Not wanting to disappoint his friend and step-brother, Orion takes it upon himself to dress up as Mr. Miracle and visit Armagetto to lay down the flowers to those fallen.
Orion Resumes "The Cold Game of Butcher"
Without the discreteness of Scott, Orion arrives on Apokolips, but is met by a platoon of Parademons and is later caught and brought to Darkseid. However, the Dog of War is able to break free from his shackles and let loose his fury on the forces of Apokolips to do battle. After laying the flowers down in Armagetto, Orion warns Darkseid that he their deadly game is to resume, "without the equation! Without statecraft! Without honor! Without compromise! Warrior to warrior! And confusion and death to the forces of Apokolips that it should be so!"
In Orion's absence, Metron discovers that it was Scott that dressed up as the Black Racer and so also wields the anti-life equation. Metron then blackmails Scott to being his pawn in his pursuit of knowledge or else he will inform Darkseid that Scott posseses the unholy black grail that he seeks - the anti-life eqaution. Orion arrives discretely and overhears this - so he later uses the temporal bender which he had led others to believe that he had destroyed (in order to maintain secrecy) and go back in time and destroy the evidence of the Black Racer's costume so that Metron would never have stumbled upon it, and therefore never deduced that Scott was the one responsible. Orion then goes back to the present, and leaves Scott and Barda after their meal.
Orion renews his responsibilities
It is during this time that Orion renews his old responsibilities before any of this happened, and remains eternally grateful to Scott for this. This encounter with Scott made him realize his role as a child of the pact, and what Highfather's and Darkseid's exchange of sons meant all those years ago. It is with this thought that Orion leaves for New Genesis and resume his role as their greatest defender.

Justice League

Orion With The JLA
Orion has proudly served 2 terms with the League. The first time, he demanded to serve alongside his friend Lightray. The two were admitted into the Leagues ranks and they served until after the battle between the League and Evil Eye. When next Orion served it was under the orders of Takion, the new leader of New Genesis following High Father's death, alongside Big Barda. The two were to serve in preparation for the arrival of Meggadon. While preparing for this they took part in a number of memorable missions. Orion helped to defeat Starro after his actions had put nearly the entirety of North America to sleep. He also, aided by Green Lantern, Barda, Plastic Man, and Steel managed to capture a White Martian who had regained it's memories. On one occasion Steel was forced to steal Orion's motherbox and use it as a telepathic shield when an apparently insane Adam Strange kidnapped them in an attempt to defeat a Telepathic race. Orion was so enraged his Motherbox was almost useless, devoting to much energy to keep him calm than to do anything else. It took a blow from Wonder Woman to bring him to his senses. When Mageddon arrived Orion and Barda gave their all to help the League deal with the threat. After a few initial failures Orion decided to stop holding back. Giving his motherbox to Oracle to assist her coordination, he attacked the omnipotent being at full ferocity, managing to do more damage then any other member of the League. He was able to keep it busy until Superman absorbed the power of it's energy source. Then, the threat they had come to confront defeated Orion and Barda resigned.

Death of the New Gods

During the twilight of the New Gods, Orion was one of the first on New Genesis to discover what was happening. He had gone to what was to be a meeting between himself, Takion and Magnar to find the later dead. When Takion arrived with Himon in tow they feared that it was Orion who had done the terrible deed, and were even more disturbed as Orion described what had happened and the killer's ability to remain undetected. It was also Orion who realized that Takion had not been alerted to the death of a New God by the Source. Orion and his allies then set about investigating, and were staggered as the found to true number of New Gods either dead, or missing. Orion first blamed the Forever People, who had been spotted near many of the killings and were also missing in action having failed to respond to New Genesis distress beacon. After Takion and Himon debased that theory, he immediately rushed to blame his father Darkseid as responsible for their betrayal and the connected deaths. Though he wanted to take the fight to Apokolips, Takion reasoned with him why remaining on New Genesis until the threat was assessed was best. Matter's where soon exasperated by the arrival of Scott Free and Superman, with the news of Barda's death. As per many of their meetings, an extremely agitated Orion founds himself engrossed in yet another contest of strength with the Kryptonian though they were eventually interrupted by Metron.
Conversing with Metron, and learning that Darkseid may hold some of the information, Orion proposes again a confrontation with his father. He, along with Superman and Scott Free decide to confront him on Apokolips, but also that it must wait for the funeral of Barda. Before the funeral Orion confronts Scott about his knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation, and his desire to resurrect Barda. After being assured that he won't, Orion sets about convincing Scott of the possible necessity of using the Equation to stave off the extinction of the New Gods. A conversation overheard by Superman, revealing the secret to the Kryptonian. Orion and his allies then proceed to pay their respects to Barda. After the rights of the funeral Orion confronts Kal-El about what he has overheard. He explains to the Man of Steel that by knowing the secret he is also now a member of their conspiracy and responsible for the protection fo Scott Free. Orion and his allies then head to Apokolips.
Upon their arrival to Apokolips, Orion and the others are set upon by a swarm of Parademons. The Dog of War lets loose upon his foes. The minions of Darkseid prove no obstacle for Orion, who manages to fight on while also advising Superman not to hold back against their foes. He is forced to save a careless Free, admonishing him for his reckless behavior, before the fight is over. As they head for Darkseid's citadel, they are confronted by the sight of streets littered with the corpses of his followers. Orion and his allies are forced to re-evaluate their opinion of Darkseid's guilt. Arriving at the citadel they find the way barred by Darkseid's elite, none of whom feel the need to bar their passage feeling betrayed by their Lord's inaction. On their way deeper into the stronghold they witness even more dead New Gods. Finally they are assaulted by Shadow Demon's summoned by Darkseid himself, while Superman provides a distraction Orion and Mr. Miracle continue their journey to Darkseid's inner sanctum.
Upon their arrival, Darkseid immediately captures Orion and Miracle with his partial knowledge of the Equation. Mr. Miracle, with his control of the full Equation is able to free them. He then banishes all of the Shadow Demons and traps the Lord of Apokolips himself. Orion attempted to continue the battle, but was stopped by Scott. He then proceeds to help in the interrogation of his father, having a hard time believing that Darkseid has accepted defeat. When Darkseid proves able to resist the compulsions of the Equation, Orion attempts to convince Scott to kill him. When Scott refuses, they return to Superman and then New Genesis. Learning of Takion's death they prepare to elect a new leader for New Genesis. As they prepare he converses with Kal-El, explaining how he used to hide his true face from the people of New Genesis, but that they have come to accept him as he is and he hides no longer. After everyone assembles Orion leads the others in electing a new leader. It is through Orion's logic that Himon is chosen to lead the New Gods through these troubled times. After that issue is settled, they finally manage to locate the position of the Forever People. Heading to the coordinates indicated they find the teen aged group dead, having been so for a long while. Enraged Scott raises the corpses and attempts to interrogate them, ignoring the protests of Orion and Kal. When the corpses destroy themselves instead of reveal their killer they are forced to return to Supertown empty handed.
Back on New Genesis, Orion and Superman begin to form their own conclusions. The two both come to the conclusion that the Infinity Man must be the killer responsible. They search Supertown for him, not managing to find a trace. The two decide to keep their hunch from Scott, not being able to afford him running of half-cocked. After agreeing to deciding to keep looking for him, while also searching for other possibilities they prepare to depart. Before he leaves Orion points out that by staying Kal-El may share their fate, he then bids him farewell. He then flies off. While he was gone his fellow New Gods began to suspect him, leading to a confrontation between Orion and Scott that Superman had to diffuse. In the end Orion decides, true to form, to challenge the God Killer to one on one combat. Hoping to give his allies the opportunity to figure out his identity he prepares to sacrifice himself. Seeing the killer approach he rushes him on his Astro-Harness, leading to a cataclysmic explosion and his death. The explosion was so grand it blinded even Superman, reminding him why the denizens of the Fourth World profess divinity. Because of his Rage he is the only New God to return to the Source after his death, leaving behind only his helmet. His demise is sensed by his father, who looks towards the explosion, lamenting the ending of their joint story.

Death of Orion

Yet that wasn't the end of Orion. It is later discovered that the source was able to retrieve his soul. When Darkseid, using a potion giving him access to all the deceased New Gods power, challenges it; the Source calls upon Orion to defeat his father. Orion, returned by the source to an energy projection of his original body, then begins fighting his father. Orion is able to fight Darkseid on an even footing again even with his new augmentations, because as his son he is able to tap into the same power. Orion is able to hold his father off, and he later retreats as the Source moves to destroy Apokolips. As he flees Darkseid warns Orion that their battle has only been postponed.
Orion Kills Darkseid
When Darkseid heads to Earth, attempting to retrieve the entirety of the fallen Gods power from Jimmy Olsen, Orion follows him. Returned to his original body, Orion confronts his father for the final time. The two begin a fierce battle in the streets of Metropolis while the League looks on, kept out of it by Superman who explains some things are between Father's and sons. Orion is able to match his father blow for blow for a time, citing the prophecy. Darkseid then manages to gain the upper hand, stating that the destruction of Apokolips proves the negation of the prophecy. Fueled by his rage, and gathering his strength Orion is able to turn the tides back in his favor. He then proceeds to dominate the rest of the fight. In the end he rips his father's heart from his chest, citing it as fire-pit enough to fulfill the prophecy. Orion then, refusing any care or help, wanders off into the streets of Metropolis, the last of the New Gods.
An undisclosed amount of time later Orion is found dying in a pile of trash near the Docs of Metropolis by Dan Turpin. Turpin tries to rouse Orion, burning his hand against the skin of the New God. He is apparently dying of his wounds from the battle with his father. As the Black Racer looms over him, he gathers the last of his strength to stand to his feet. Describing the war in heaven, and how it left if cracked and broken he attempts to warn Turpin. Orion's apocalyptic words to Turpin "They did not die! He is in you all..." presumably referring to the survival of Darkseid and his elite (a fact later proven true).
Death of Orion
Orion then died, yet as benefiting the Dog of War his final words to Humanity are to "fight". His death led to an investigation by the Guardians of the Universe's Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League of America, alerting them to Darkseid's presence and set in motion the events of Final Crisis. During this investigation it is found out that Darkseid was able to use Metron's moebius Chair to fire a Radion Bullet into the past and murder his son. Orion's death also had an affect on the superhero community, the death of the Warrior God causing a dulling of their own warrior spirit and dulling of their skills.
Hightfather and Darkseid were apparently right and Earth will be responsible for giving birth to the Fifth World. Darkseid and his Elite, by possessing human hosts, have been able to take control of Earth through the Anti-Life Equation and await the birth of the Fifth World. The New Gods are set to rise again, and Orion the Dog of War will be among them.

New 52

Orion appears at the end of Wonder Woman #12. He claws his way out of a grave and dons his helmet. He then transports himself through a boom tube to an undisclosed location.
He has been sent to Earth by the Highfather to deal with a threat (the baby) that would end the source-which means the end of time and existence. Orion works with Milan and later Wonder Woman and Lennox to deal with the situation. Together they find War, who takes them to where Hermes and Demeter are hiding the baby. Orion states that he in fact does not want to kill a baby, even though he might have to later on.
War brings the baby, now named Zeke, home to his mother, Zola. After a battle with the First Born, Orion take Wonder Woman, Zeke, Hera and Zola to New Genesis. Highfather is disappointed at Orion for bringing the threat of the universe to New Genesis. Against Highfather's wishes, Orion brings Zeke back to Earth, where they will help fight the First Born and his army.
Meanwhile, Orion has also been sent to destroy Hector Hammond's mind inside of Superman.

Powers and Abilities

The Dog of War
Because of Orion's location of creation which is in a realm called the Source, it seems as if using the energy from the Source Wall and using their own kind of technology has evolved the New Gods, including Orion, into something of a race of higher level, perfect superhumans. This means they have the same physical image as humans but are far smarter, stronger, faster, more durable, more agile and more flexible. Orion's strength is unmeasured but is said to be the equal of his father, Darkseid. He has been able to defeat Darkseid once in pitched battle and has been able to more than hold his own against such major league heavyweights as Superman and Wonder Woman. He is strong enough to be able to knock out his step-brother Kalibak with only one blow. He's durable enough to have part of a city dropped on him only to shrug it off without suffering any harm or damge. He is nearly impossible to stop on Earth as there is no earthly substance known to exist which can resist or affect his power, though beings of comparable or greater power and barriers gaining their power from the Source Wall have been known to stop him at some point. Because of his rage, Orion does not fatigue easily though he is not entirely tireless or unstoppable as he has shown fatigue when fighting against Darkseid. When injured, Orion's healing factor helps to quickly recover even healing him when multiple and/or severe injuries ever occur. With the more serious injuries, he can use the Mother Box to heal him while even supplying him with more energy to continue fighting, helping or living..
Orion also is able to harness an inter dimensional energy called the "Astro Force". Also known as the "wrath of the Source" it is an energy powerful enough to destroy planets, equaled only by the Omega Force under Darkseid's control. While Orion himself is a conduit for the Astro Force, he can use either the Astro Harness or his wristbands as a valve through which he can project this energy. He uses the Astro Force primarily as a weapon, but once he was shown to be able to use the Astro Force to create an energy shield powerful enough to deflect Darkseid's "Omega Effect". It should be noted that Darkseid wanted this to happen, so the end result might not be that accurate.
Even though a god, Orion still has weaknesses. One weakness is a substance called Radion. The average god cannot withstand its damage, though Orion who is more advanced, with armor and the Mother Box can take a couple hits and survive, though it probably puts Orion in a very weak state. Another weakness is the way he thinks and how he goes about doing things. He is a warrior of rage and will stop at nothing to defeat his enemy, even if it means destroying many innocent lives. For him to be restrained, he has to be constantly reminded and on one occasion, been punched to calm him down. Also, because of his warrior trait, he does not know the difference between weakness and defenselessness even though he is highly intelligent because of his race. Also it appears that despite his many godly attributes, he can still be affected by some forms of psionic manipulation such as his own Mother Box's calming influence and Raven's empathic powers.


The Astro Harness
He uses a device called the Astro-Harness which he wears like a jet pack. It has many features including the ability to transport Orion around space, a powerful energy blast, an energy shield which absorbs attacks, a life support system and the Astro-Harness' ability to repair itself, as long as a part of it still exists. However, not everyone can use it, as only Orion's personality is fit for the Astro-Harness. Because of it's connection to the Source, only Orion, who is poised perfectly between the peaceful ways of New Genesis and the destructive fury of Apokalips, can properly control it. Anyone else using it may cause damage, as the ability to use the energy blast on it can cause a lot of damage - more damage then Orion could create. However, in time of extreme danger, it can be programmed so that another user can use it. This is a last resort as no other's are truly compatible enough to control it properly for long.
The Astro-Harness, like many of the technology of New Genesis, can repair itself. Orion's Mother Box can also attach to the harness, but this is an ability of the Mother Box, not the Astro-Harness.

Alternate Versions

IN 1996, DC and Marvel combined to create a series of comics under the Amalgam banner which combined one hero from each publisher into a joint character. Orion ws joined with the mythos of Marvels' Thor to create Thorion Of The New Asgods who debuted in his eponymous one shot.

Tangent Universe

In this universe Orion is a magical being who can transport others, objects, and himself anywhere on Earth. With the help of additional power sources (such as a green lantern ring) he can transport beings into other universes. Orion is currently helping the Superman of Earth 9.

Kingdom Come

Orion has overthrown Darkseid as leader of Apokolips. Superman tries to recruit Orion for his new Justice League, but changes his mind when he sees that Orion is a tyrant much like Darkseid was.


  • Height- 6'1"
  • Weight- 195lbs
  • Eyes- Blue (his eyes glow red when angry)
  • Hair- Red

Other Media


DC Animated Universe:

Superman: Animated Series:
Character design for DCAU Orion
In the two part episode, 'Apokolips...Now!', Orion, voiced by Steve Sandor, arrives on Earth via Boom Tube to warn Superman of Darkseid and his army approaching Earth in their quest to find the anti-life equation. Orion aids in Superman's defense of Metropolis' Air Force base from an attack from Intergang, using Apokoliptan technology. Orion leaves the battle victorious, but warns Superman, before leaving, that the war against Darkseid has not yet been won, and offers his assistance to Superman in the event that Kal El would require it.
Orion teaming up with Superman
In Orion's absence, Earth is attacked by Darkseid who is able to capture Superman. Superman, with the help of Turpin is able to free himself, but just before Superman was about to fight Darkseid, Orion returns to Earth along with Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Lightray and other forces of New Genesis to put the Earth under the protection of New Genesis and that any further acts of aggression by Darkseid would result in retaliation by the forces of their sister planet - forcing Darkseid to return to Apokolips.
Justice League:
With Lightray, Wonder Woman, Batman and Highfather Izaya
After his appearance on 'Superman: The Animated Series' , Orion returns in the two-part episode 'Twilight', and is now voiced by Ron Perlman. Orion is firstly seen upholding the peace treaty between New Genesis and Apokolips as he defends a planet under New Genesis' protection from Darkseid's forces, spearheaded by Steppenwolf, in the overlord's pursuit of the anti-life equation. Orion is later called into action when Batman and Wonder Woman arrive on New Genesis, under the instructions of Superman, in order to seek the Dog of War's help in stopping Darkseid. In this episode, Darkseid had originally seeked Kal-El's help as Apokolips was under attack by Brainiac. At the insistence of the rest of the Justice League, Superman agrees to help Apokolips defend itself and stop Brainiac, but errs on the side of caution as he believes that Darkseid is still up to no good - explaining why Superman wanted Orion's help.
Orion and Darkseid's only animated fight
Superman's warnings prove correct, and Orion is able to aid free Superman and rescue Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter before taking on Darkseid himself. In the ensuing battle, Darkseid is able to defeat his son, however, falls at the hands of the Man of Steel. Orion is brought back to New Genesis by Batman and Superman, and is nursed back to health.
Justice League Unlimited:
With Wally West and Batman (JLU)
Orion's final DCAU appearance arrives in the third and final season of 'Justice League Unlimited' in the episode 'Flash and Substance'. Batman convinces Orion to join him in Central City's tribute to Wally West, where they later come up against members of the Flash's rogues gallery, namely Captain Boomerang, Trickster, Captain Cold and Mirror Master. During this episode, Orion has troubles with Wally's immaturity, considering his membership to the Justice League. Orion later comes to the realisation that Wally only "plays the part of the fool" in order to cope with heavy burdens of being a superhero.
Orion had previously made a non-speaking role in the season one episode, 'The Return', as part of the Justice League's defense against Amazo's return to Earth.
Orion didn't appear in the episode called Prophecy, However, his name was mentioned by Kara who tells that Orion was the biological son of Darkseid. Oliver Queen was on the quest to steal the Bow of Orion which could ultimately remove the Omega symbol from his head and stop Darkseid for good. But Granny Goodness arrived in time and destroyed the Bow of Orion before Oliver could even use it.